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Theses by Dr. Junghwan Kim

List of selected theses and dissertations supervised by Dr. Junghwan Kim.

MS Theses & Projects

  • Liping Wu, Thesis title: MAC protocol based TICN, In progress.
  • Mengqi He, Thesis title: Effects of Phase Offset on OFDM Signal, In progress.
  • Ralph S. Thangaraj, Thesis title: Performance Evaluation of Low Density Parity Check Codes under Constraints of Phase and Frequency Offsets for Software Defined Radio (SDR) System, May 2007.
  • Sarnath Santhanam, Thesis title: JHDL Implementation of a BIST Scheme for Testing Carry Circuit Multiplexers of SRAM Based FPGAs, September 2006. (Advisor, co-chair M. Nimat)
  • Gupta Abhishek, Thesis title: Spread Spectrum Application for Tactical Integrated Communication Network, December 2007.

PhD Dissertations

  • Cheng Wong, Dissertation title: Modeling and Analysis of Spread Spectrum Schemes for OBP Satellites, In progress.
  • Mike Orra, Dissertation title: Study on the Optimum On-board Processing (OBP) Satellite Architecture under Jamming, In progress.
  • Jianyan Li, Dissertation title: Study on the Modeling, Analysis and Compensation of On-Board Processing (OBP) Multicarrier Demultiplexer/Demodulator (MCDD) for the MF-TDMA Signal in the Presence of Degrading Factors, July 2007

List of selected papers published by Dr. Junghwan Kim.

  • Kim J, Jinyan Li, "On the Performance of MF-TDMA Multi-Carrier Demultiplexer/Demodulators under Five Critical degrading Factors," Proceedings of the 6th IASTED International Conference on CITT 2007,July 2007.
  • Kim J, Jinyan Li "Performance Analysis of MF-TDMA multi-Carrier Demultiplexer/Denodulators (MCDDs) in the Presence of Critical Degrading Factors," accepted to the IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting. (paper id: BTS-07-1070)
  • Kim J, C.H. Yang and J.S. Jang "Performance Analysis of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Mobile Satellite System using Moment-based Approximation of Degrading Factors, " IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 55, No.3, pp.876-886, May 2006. (paper id: 10.1109/TVT.2006.874553)
  • Kim J, J.Jang and Vivek. J, "Transmission of Block Turbo Coded Digital Audio over FM-SCA, " IEEE Trans. on Broadcasting ,Vol.50, No.2, pp.107-112, June 2004. (paper id no: 10.1109/TBC.2004.828368)
  • Kim J, F. Mo, S. Dave and S.C. Kwatra, "Adaptive Channel Estimation Aided Log-Map Turbo Decoder Implementation for DS-CDMA Mobile Systems," Wireless Personal Communications, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Vol.28, pp.179-204, June 2004. (paper no: WIRE596-PR, PIPS Nr. 5267078).
  • Kim J, L.S. Lin and Y. Woo "Performance Analysis of Land Mobile Satellite System using Importance Sampling," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol.2, No.5, September 2003 pp.1079-1089. (10.1109/TWC.2003.817443)
  • Kim J, S. Dave and S.C. Kwatra "An Efficient Decoding Algorithm for Block Turbo Codes, " IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol.49, No.1, pp.41-46, January 2001. (S 0090-6778(01)00259-8)
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