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Theses by Dr. Henry Ledgard

List of selected theses and dissertations supervised by Dr. Henry Ledgard.

MS Theses & Projects

  • Madhu Kiran Kondapi, Thesis Title: Investigation into Visual Software Environment (VSE) - A New Paradigm in Software Development, December 2007.

PhD Dissertations

  • Ph.D Dissertation: Separating Data from Instructions: Investigating a New Programming, May 2002.

List of publications by Dr. Henry Ledgard.

selected papers published

  • Yasushi Kambayashi and Henry F. Ledgard, The Separation Principle - A Programming Paradigm IEEE Software, March/April 2004.
  • Donald Anselmo and Henry Ledgard, Measuring Productivity in the Computer Industry, Communications of the ACM, November 2003.
  • Henry F. Ledgard , The Emperor has No Clothes, short paper, Communications of the ACM, October 2001.
  • Henry Ledgard (Editor) Special section on empirical works, Human Aspects of Computing area, Communications of the ACM, July 1986.
  • Henry Ledgard and Andrew Singer, Scaling Down Ada, (or towards a standard Ada subset) Communications of the ACM, February 1982.
  • Henry Ledgard (Editor) Special section on empirical works, Human Aspects of Computing area, Communications of the ACM, July 1986.
  • Andrew Singer, Henry Ledgard, and Jon Hueras, The Annotated Assistant: A Step Towards Human Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, July 1981.

Chapters published in Books

  • Henry Ledgard, PROGRAMMING PROVERBS, Hayden Book Company, New Jersey, 1975.
  • COBOL WITH STYLE, 1976, with Louis Chmura.
  • FORTRAN WITH STYLE, 1977, with Louis Chmura.
  • BASIC WITH STYLE, 1978, with Paul Nagin.
  • PASCAL WITH STYLE, 1979, with Jon Hueras and Paul Nagin.
  • PASCAL WITH EXCELLENCE, 1986, with John Tauer.
  • C WITH EXCELLENCE, 1987, with John Tauer.
  • Henry Ledgard, Andrew Singer, and John Whiteside, DIRECTIONS IN HUMAN FACTORS FOR INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1980.
  • Henry Ledgard and Michael Marcotty, PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE LANDSCAPE, (Second Edition), SRA, Chicago, 1986.
  • Henry Ledgard, ADA: AN INTRODUCTION (Second Edition), Springer-Verlag, New York, 1983.
  • Henry Ledgard and Andrew Singer, ELEMENTARY PASCAL and ELEMENTARY BASIC, published jointly by Random House (New York) and SRA (Chicago), 1982.
  • Henry Ledgard and Andrew Singer, PASCAL FOR THE MACINTOSH, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1986.
  • THE HUMAN FACTOR by Richard Rubenstein and Harry Hersh (with the assistance of Henry Ledgard), Digital Press, Burlington, MA, 1984.
  • Henry Ledgard, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading, MA, 1986, 1987.
  • PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE, Volume I: Programming Practice, Volume II: Software Engineering Concepts.
  • Henry Ledgard, The Little Book of Object-Oriented Programming (based on a work with Michael Marcotty), Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River New Jersey 1996.
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