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Program Flowcharts

The links below provide access to printable versions of the CSET flowchart. The PDF version of the flowchart will provide the best result for printing. You may also find paper copies of this flowchart in the Engineering Technology Department office in NE-1600. 

Current Program of Study:

Full-Time Program (Effective Fall 2017)

Previous Programs of Study:

Full-time Program (Effective Fall 2013)

The Current Program of Study applies to all students starting the program during or after the fall 2017 semester. The Previous Program of Study applies to all students who started in the fall 2013 semester and who have maintained continuous progress toward the degree. If you started the CSET program prior to the fall 2013 semester but have not taken classes for two semesters in a row, the Current Program of Study applies.

Last Updated: 7/12/18