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Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Technology web site. We offer a quality education for anyone who wants to design things, or to work in a manufacturing environment, or who wants to coordinate projects. Our courses provide a realistic and practical approach to learning the techniques of engineering products and procedures. From automotive design firms, to designing buildings and the mechanical systems that go in them, to inventing and troubleshooting, to automation and control specialists, you will find our graduates in positions of prestige and responsibility. Surf through our web site and contact us if you like. Visit our campus and let us show you through our labs. Thanks for visiting the University of Toledo, College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology web site. Maybe we will see you in person!

abetThe MET program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,


To learn more about our program's specialized accreditation, read the information provided by ABET on the page entitled "The Basics" at

Last Updated: 5/31/17