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May 2018

  • New version of VecTor5 is released! This is a major update. In addition to a number of formulation improvements, this version uses a sparse matrix solution technique to significantly reduce the computational time for larger models. For a model with 4oo nodes, for example, the new version completes the analysis in 13 minutes versus the old version in 83 minutes. The new installation package includes sample models, screen shots, video links, and various guidelines to simplify the modeling process. See the Modeling section of the web site for download.
  • Dr. Guner participated in NSF NHERI's Experimental Facility Workshop at the University California, Davis.

April 2018

  • Dr. Guner moderated an innovative session titled: Recent Advances in Nonlinear Structural Analysis Methods for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering (PBEE). Thirteen researchers from the US, Canada, and Europe discussed the state-of-the-art analysis methodologies, material behavior models, and applicable codes for the proper use of the PBEE.

March 2018

  • Dr. Guner is awarded a research project, titled: Development of Design Recommendations for Helical Pile Anchorages Subjected to Cyclic Load Reversals, by DFI's Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee.
  • Dr. Akkaya submitted a journal paper manuscript, titled: A constitutive model for the inelastic buckling behavior of reinforcing bars, co-authored by Dr. Guner and Dr. Vecchio to ACI Structural Journal.
  • Ph.D. Candidate Mr. Rafael Salgado presented a research paper, titled: Towards Modeling Deep-Beam Action on Numerical Assessment of Bridge Cap Beams, in American Concrete Institute's Spring Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • MS Candidate Mr. Salvio Aragão Almeida Júnior made a research presentation, titled High-Fidelity Numerical Model of Post-Installed Steel Anchors under Dynamic Loads, in American Concrete Institute's Spring Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Congratulations to Salvio on his first conference presentation!

February 2018

  • Ph.D. Candidate Mr. Rafael Salgado successfully defended his Ph.D. proposal and officially became a Ph.D. candidate. Congratulations to Rafael!

January 2018

  • Ph.D. candidate Mr. Rafael Salgado presented a research paper, titled: Towards an Effective Assessment of Cap Beams Retrofitted with Externally Bonded Fiber Reinforced Polymers, in TRB’s 97th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.
  • Dr. Guner submitted a National Science Foundation research proposal seeking funding to advance the current understanding and improve the hurricane-resiliency of non-structural building components.


  • Dr. Guner presented a paper, titled: Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Frame Elements Subjected to Blast Explosions, at the Protect 2017 Workshop in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

october 2017

  • Dr. Guner completed the inaugural class of the University of Toledo’s Scholars Institute Program.
  • Dr. Guner attended American Concrete Institute's Fall Convention in Anaheim, California.
  • MS Student Pappu Baniya presented a research poster titled: Determination of  

    Hidden Shear Capacities of Overloaded Pier Caps Using the Deep Beam Theory in Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference (OTEC) in Columbus, OH.

September 2017

  • Ph.D. candidate Mr. Salim Khoso secured the second place in Toastmaster's speech contest.
  • Ph.D. candidate Mr. Rafael Salgado presented a research paper, titled: Modelling of Beam-Column Joints for Performance Assessment of Framed RC Structures under Progressive Collapse Loading, in the 39th IABSE Symposium in Vancouver, Canada.

August 2017

  • Dr. Guner was awarded a research project, titled: Evaluation of Reserve Shear Capacity of Bridge Pier Caps Using the Deep Beam Theory, by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

July 2017

  • Dr. Guner presented a paper, titled: Numerical Modeling of a Caisson Foundation Retrofitted with Helical Piles, at the GeoMEast Congress in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
  • Dr. Guner was selected to participate in NHERI's Summer Institute for Early Career Faculty at the University of Texas in San Antonio, TX.

June 2017

  • Dr. Guner participated in NSF's Experimental Facility Workshop at Florida International University in Miami, FL.

May 2017

  • Dr. Guner was one of the six researchers selected from the College of Engineering for the UT Scholars Institute Program.

April 2017

  • Mr. Zhangcheng Pan, who recently completed his MS studies under the supervision of Dr. Guner, published a Journal paper in Engineering Structures, titled Modeling of interior beam-column joints for nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete frames. Download
  • Dr.Guner attended a two-day NSF CAREER Proposal Workshop in Portland, Oregon.

March 2017

  • Ph.D. Candidate Mr. Rafael Salgado made a research presentation titled 'Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis for Performance-Based Risk Assessment' at American Concrete Institute Spring Convention in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Updated User's Manual for Janus is published. Download

February 2017

  • Ph.D. Candidate Mr. Rafael Salgado submitted his first journal paper titled A Comparative Study on Nonlinear Models for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering to Engineering Structures.

November 2016

  • Dr. Guner published a conference paper and made a research presentation titled 'Response Analysis of Frames under Blast Loads' in the fib (the International Federation for Structural Concrete) conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

October 2016

  • Ph.D. Candidate Mr. Rafael Salgado won the Best Poster Award at American Concrete Institute's Fall Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He also made a research presentation titled 'Structural Safety Assessment of Deep Beams'.
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