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Prospective Students

Prospective PhD, Master's and visiting students are accepted into the research team. Successful students with strong mathematical skills are encouraged to apply. Prospective graduate students must first satisfy university's admission requirements. Please indicate Dr. Guner as your preferred potential supervisor in your application. In your statement of purpose, please clearly state why you would like to join my research group. Full funding scholarships are available to the strongest applicants (all applicants are automatically considered). Applicants are also encouraged to seek external funding (see the links below). Please contact Dr. Guner with an email, and include an up-to-date CV and samples of your recent research documents. Some examples of recent research topics are listed below.

Sample Research Topics

  • Creation of fundamental knowledge and physics-based mathematical models to simulate the response of structures subjected to multi-hazards including hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes.
  • Large scale structural testing, data acquisition, and dynamic controls.
  • Understanding the behavior of post-installed steel anchors for multi-hazard resilience.
  • Computational modeling of retrofitted concrete structures using high-performance materials for natural hazard resilience.
  • Creation of numerical models for the simulation of beam-column joint response.
  • Experimentation and constitutive model creation for ultra-high performance concrete and carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers.
  • Sustainable design and life-cycle analysis using innovative materials and practices
  • Computer programming and creation of analysis software and tools.

Funding Opportunities

All Prospective Students

Fulbright Program for Foreign Students

Full scholarships to international students to conduct Masters and PhD studies. Please click here and select your country of citizenship to obtain more information.

Scholarships for Students from Brazil (Science without Borders program, Ciência sem Fronteiras)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows: 6 to 12 months, extendable up to 24 months. More
  • Visiting PhD Student: 3 to 12 months. More
  • PhD Students: up to 48 months. More

Search and apply for one of Dr. Guner's research projects titled:

  • Understanding the Behavior of Concrete Anchors for Multi-Hazard resilience
  • Exploring High-Performance Materials for Sustainable Rehabilitation of Vulnerable Structures
  • Large-Scale Experimental Testing and Characterizing the Behaviour of Structures retrofitted with Fiber-Polymer Composites.
  • Creation of Graphical Visualization Facilities and Apps

Specific Opportunities

Full Scholarships for Students from Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program)

For Master's or PhD study. More 

Full Visiting Summer Student Scholarships (Mitacs Globalink program)

For undergraduate students from Brazil, China, France, India, Mexico, Saudi Araba, Turkey and Vietnam.

Apply by mid-September (check the exact deadline) for a 12-week summer study in Canada in the next summer. Refer to the projects tab and search for Dr. Guner’s research projects titled:

  • Computer-Aided Analysis of Concrete Buildings
  • Further Development of Graphical Structural Analysis Software using C++ Language
  • Further Development of a Structural Analysis Program using FORTRAN Language
Post-Doctoral Scholarships for Scholars working at a Turkish University (Tubitak Bursary 2219 - Yurt Dışı Doktora Sonrası Araştırma Burs Programı)

Up to 12 months. Two application deadlines per year in February and August. More


Up to 48 months. Two application deadlines per year in February and August. More

Students in Turkish Universities

To pursue a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree at the University of Toledo, please contact Dr. Guner.

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