Faculty Senate

Committee Members

Committee on Committees 

Rouillard, Linda - Arts and Letter (Chair)
Powers, Mary - Pharmacy  
Kennedy, Bruce - Law
Lee, Wade - Library
Gray, Temeaka - Nursing
McLoughlin, Thomas - Health and Human Services
Lundquist, Sara - Arts and Letters
Devabhaktuni, Vijay - Engineering
Nigem, Kimberly - Business and Innovation
Krantz, David E. - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Templin, Mark - Education
Duggan, Joan - Medicine and Life Sciences
Sheldon, Glenn - Honors

Committee on core Curriculum 

Monsos, Holly - Arts and Letters (Chair)
Hall, Scott - Pharmacy
Attwood, Thomas - Library
Taylor, Colleen - Nursing
Ervin, Elyce - Health and Human Services
Molitor, Scott - Engineering
Fink, Larry - Business and Innovation
Krantz, David - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Martin, Renee - Education
Mann, Barbara - Honors
Russell, James - Student Representative

Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum

Cappelletty, Diane - Pharmacy (Chair)
Reeves, Elaine - Library
Sochacki, Susan - Nursing
McLoughlin, Thomas - Health and Human Services
Edgington, Tony - Arts and Letters
Serpen, Gursel - Engineering
Pentina, Iryna - Business and Innovation
Kippenhan, Edith - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Dinnebeil, Laurie - Education
Sheldon, Glenn - Honors
Linthicum, Martin - Student Representative

Committee on Faculty Affairs

Barnes, Sharon - Arts and Letters (Chair)
Ohlinger, Martin - Pharmacy
Kennedy, Bruce - Law
Sabharwal, Arjun - Library
Batten, Susan - Nursing
McBride, Kim - Health and Human Services
Hefzy, Mohamed - Engineering
Wittmer, Jenell - Business and Innovation
Thompson, Gerard - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Kovach, Lisa - Education
Lecka-Czernik, Beata - Medicine and Life Sciences
Pryor, Ashley - Honors

Committee on Academic Programs

Barclay, Larissa - Nursing (Chair)
Nesamony, Jerry - Pharmacy
Morales, Jessica - Library
Diehm, Emily - Health and Human Services
Gratz, Kim - Arts and Letters
Randolph, Brian - Engineering
Nigem, Kim - Business and Innovation
White, Don - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Kumar, Revathy - Education
Pryor, Ashley - Honors

Committee on Academic Regulations

Keith, Kristen - Arts and Letters (Chair)
Powers, Mary - Pharmacy
Bruce, Kara - Law 
Taylor, Colleen  Miller, Jolene - Library
Mattin, Deborah - Nursing
Bouillon, Lucinda - Health and Human Services
Zhang, Hongyan - Engineering 
Wedding, Don   Wittmer, Jenell - Business and Innovation
Bjorkman, John - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Denyer, Jenny - Education
Mann, Barbara - Honors
Pappada, Scott - Medicine and Life Sciences
Taylor, Andrew - Student Representative

Committee On Student Affairs

Menezes, Caroline - Health and Human Services (Chair)
Sarver, Jeff - Pharmacy
Napp, John - Library
Bryan, Carol - Nursing
Schneider, Barbara - Arts and Letters
Relue, Patricia - Engineering
Said, Amal - Business and Innovation
Leady, Brenda - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Staub, Nancy - Education
Sheldon, Glenn - Honors
Bonnell, Mark - Medicine and Life Sciences
Taylor, Andrew - Student Representative

Committee on Constitution and Rules

Templin, Mark - Education (Chair)
Bishop, Bryan - Pharmacy
Gilchrist, Greg - Law
Lee, Wade - Library
Gray, Temeaka - Nursing
Lee, Abraham - Health and Human Services
Van Hoy, Jerry - Arts and Letters
Niamat, Mohammed - Engineering 
Wedding, Don Ariss, Sonny  Business and Innovation
Steven, Robert - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Sheldon, Glenn - Honors
Chaudhuri, Prabir - Medicine and Life Sciences
Lawson, Madison - Student Representative

Committee on Elections

Weck-Schwarz, Sibylle - Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Co-Chair)
Compora, Dan - Arts and Letters (Co-Chair)
Tiwari, Amit - Pharmacy
Chaffee, Eric - Law
Kruzel, Richard - Library
Mortland, Karen - Nursing
Clark, Madeline - Health and Human Services
Javaid, Ahmad - Engineering
Nigem, Kim - Business and Innovation
Pindiprolu, Sekhar - Education
Sheldon, Glenn - Honors

Last Updated: 1/22/18