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Rocket Aid

Rocket Aid

The Financial Emergency Intervention Program is a need-based program which assists students experiencing financial hardship.  To allow University of Toledo students to meet their financial obligations and stay focused on their studies, all available options are explored, including:

  • Federal student and/or parent loans
  • Financial planning assistance
  • Emergency Rocket Aid
  • Community resources

Students may receive emergency Rocket Aid to assist with their educational expenses. Educational expenses include charges billed by the University as well as variable expenses including books, transportation, personal expenses and living expenses for students who do not live in campus housing. 

Generally, students who have already received emergency aid for the semester will not receive additional emergency aid for the same semester. Additionally, it is expected that students accept the full value of their student loan eligibility before applying for emergency Rocket Aid.

Students may apply for Rocket Aid directly or faculty and staff can complete the online application to refer a student for assistance.

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Once received, Rocket Aid applications are reviewed by a team of student support leaders who will evaluate each request.  Student applicants and individuals making a referral will receive an email confirmation when the application has been received.  Follow up to request additional information or to share the team’s decision will be communicated via email to the student within 3-5 business days.

The Financial Emergency Intervention team includes:

  • Dr. Julie Fischer-Kinney, Assistant Provost for Student Success and Retention
  • Bradley Menard, Director for Housing
  • Angela Roach, Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid Systems
  • Shelia Stewart, Bursar


Contact Rocket Solution Central at or 419.530.8700.

Last Updated: 11/13/19