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Finances For International Students

Before you are issued a visa, you must prove that you have sufficient funds to study in the United States.


Issuance of I-20

  • The University of Toledo College of Graduate Studies will not issue the I-20 Form unless financial responsibility is proven.


Bank Statements and Financial Responsibility

  • Students must provide an official bank statement to the College of Graduate Studies showing USD sufficient to cover the cost of the first year of study at any time during the application process.  The bank statement and Certificate of Financial Responsibility are not required as part of the initial admissions application, but they must be provided to secure an I-20 form from the Admissions Department.


Graduate Assistantships

  • Students who recieve a graduate assistantship from the University with their admissions offer will automatically recieve an I-20 as long as the funds are sufficient to cover the cost of study.  (To read more about Graduate Assistantships, please click here)
  • In all cases, students are responsible for SEVIS fees, airfare and travel cost to the United States.



*Note -  SEVIS fees, airfare and travel cost to the United States are not represented in tables below. *


Requirements for receiving the I-20

Number of Credit Hours Amount Necessary to receive I-20 

12 Credit Hrs./ Non-MBA


12 Credit Hrs./MBA




Estimated Cost of Attendance

Criteria Cost

Tuition (12 Credit Hrs) Non-MBA


Tuition (12 Credit Hrs) MBA


Living Expenses (9 months)


Health Insurance (12 months)


Last Updated: 8/23/17