Auditory and Language Enrichment Program

Goals for Participants

Children will:

  1. Take part in high quality play and incidental learning experiences with peers as well as children of other ages that intentionally focus on developmentally appropriate targets including language, audition, social/communication interaction habits, & cognition.
  2. Be provided an auditory rich environment that is individually paced to promote listening and auditory development.

Parents will:

  1. Be provided with support as well as assistance in meeting family needs related to successful play experiences with their children learning to listen.
  2. Learn appropriate strategies for facilitating their child's acquisition of speech, language, and auditory skills during play with an emphasis on supporting individualized approaches for families.
  3. Have an opportunity to interact with other families and professionals who share their concerns, challenges and triumphs.

Goals for SLP Students

Goals for Playgroup

Last Updated: 7/25/17