Auditory and Language Enrichment Program

Goals for Speech-Language Pathology Students:

SLP students will:

  1. Learn to provide basic support and facilitate family needs with an emphasis on (a) developing an empathetic approach; and (b) identifying impact on the family and strategies to empower parents to facilitate their child's communication in play
  2. Competently use, monitor, and troubleshoot assistive listening technology
  3. Assess and monitor (at an intermediate level) spoken language and audition in the playgroup experience
  4. Employ appropriate strategies for facilitating children's acquisition of speech, language, and auditory skills, as well as adapting activities in a playgroup setting with an emphasis on developing individualized approaches for parent instruction in maximizing incidental learning experiences
  5. Skillfully foster high quality interactions with children during play and in guiding their inquiring and discovery
  6. Work collaboratively with other students & professionals with a focus on effective communication, information sharing, interpersonal working relationships, and development of co-teaching strategies  

Goals for Participants

Goals for Playgroup

Last Updated: 7/25/17