Master of Public Health Program

MPH Majors - Public Health Policy & Law (PHPL) Available Spring 2019

The Public Health Policy and Law was created to meet the demands of today’s public health professionals who must develop appropriate and effective policy while navigating complicated, changing and often confusing rules, regulations and laws governing the public health sector.

Majors will learn how to advocate for and influence policy decisions; understand the professionals’ legal roles and ethical responsibilities in public health; and learn to read and comprehend legal documents, cases and judicial decisions.

The PHPL major also provides a complementary graduate degree to students pursuing law, business and healthcare degrees.

Graduates of the Public Health Policy and Law major program will possess the following major competencies:

  • Read and comprehend legal documents, such as cases, statutes and regulations to understand how legal rules from these documents apply to specific factual situations
  • Identify the powers and limitations of legal authority to intervene in public health.
  • Identify appropriate kinds of legal interventions to address specific public health issues, consider which actors might pursue these interventions and weigh relative merits of such interventions.
  • Understand the key concerns and ethical considerations shaping public health law and relative role of public health professionals and lawyers in exercising these responsibilities.
  • Influence health policy and program decision-making using scientific knowledge, analysis, communication and consensus-building.
  • Develop policies and plans that support individual and community health efforts.
Last Updated: 6/24/19