Column Abbreviations and Acronyms
Word(s) Abbreviation or Acronym Add/Change Date
Abbreviation Abrv
Academic Acad
Account, Accounting Acct
Accounts Payable AP
Accounts Receivable AR
Accumulate, Accumulation Accum 1/26/2005
Addition Add 7/11/2003
Address Addr
Address Information System AIS 2/28/2006
Adjust, Adjustment Adjust 7/11/2003
Administration Admin 7/11/2003
Advertise, Advertisement Ad 7/11/2003
Agree, Agreement Agree 7/11/2003
Alternative, Alternate Alt
Alternative Retirement Plan ARP 2/28/2006
American Association of University Professors AAUP 9/18/2003
American College Test ACT
Amount Amt
Apartment Apt 7/11/2003
Application App
Approximate, Approximately Approx 7/11/2003
Arrangement Arrange 7/11/2003
Articulation Artic 7/11/2003
Assess, Assessment Assess 7/11/2003
Assign, Assigned, Assignable, Assignment Assign 7/11/2003
Associate, Association Assoc
Attach, Attachment Attach 7/11/2003
Attribute, Attribution Attrib 7/11/2003
Authorize, Authorization, Authority Auth
Automated Issuance Management System AIMS 2/28/2006
Auxiliary Aux
Availability, Available Avail 7/11/2003
Average Avg
Baccalaureate Bac 7/11/2003
Balance Bal
Billing and Receivables System BRS
Biography, Biographical Bio 7/11/2003
Board of Trustees (University of Toledo) BOT 7/11/2003
Building Bldg
Business Bus 7/11/2003
Calculated, Calculation Calc
Calendar Cal
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance CFDA 8/26/2003
Category Cat
Certificate, Certification, Certified Cert
Change Chg
Character Char 7/11/2003
Class, Classification, Classified Class 7/11/2003
Classification of Instructional Programs CIP
Collaborate, Collaborating, Collaboration Collab 7/11/2003
Compensatory, Compensate, Compensative Comp 9/25/2006
Configure, Configuration Config 11/16/2007
Consumer Price Index CPI 7/11/2003
Corporation Corp 7/11/2003
Count Cnt
Course Crs
Cross-list, Cross-listed Xlist
Cross-reference Xref
Cumulative Cum
Current Month CM
Customer Cust
Data Warehouse DW 7/11/2003
Database DB 7/11/2003
Database Dictionary DBD
Department, Departmental Dept
Dependent Dep 9/12/2007
Depreciate, Depreciation Deprec 1/21/2005
Deregistration Dereg 9/24/2004
Description Desc
Difference, Differential, Differentiate Diff
Direct from High School DHS 11/15/2006
Distribute, Distribution Dist  
Division Div
Document, Documentation Doc
Duplicate, Duplication Dup
Earn, Earned, Earnings Earn
Earned Income Credit EIC 1/29/2007
Educate, Education Edu
Effect, Effective Effect 5/16/2006
Electronic Data Interchange EDI 7/11/2003
Electronic Funds Transfer EFT 7/11/2003
Eligible, Eligibility Elig
Email, Electronic Mail Email 7/11/2003
Emergency Emer 7/23/2009
Employee Emp
Employer Identification Number EID 1/29/2007
Enrollment Enroll
Equal Employment Opportunity (Opportunities) EEO
Estimate, Estimated, Estimation Est
Evacuate, Evacuation Evac 7/11/2003
Evaluate, Evaluation, Evaluator Eval
Evening Eve
Exchange Visitor EV 9/03/2004
Executive, Execution Exec
Extension Ext 7/11/2003
Fax, Facsimile Fax 7/11/2003
Federal Fed 7/11/2003
Feet, Foot, Footage Ft
Financial Records System FRS
Fiscal Year FY 9/15/2003
Fiscal Year to Date FYTD 7/11/2003
Flexible, Flexibly Flex
Frequency Freq
Friday Fri
Full-Time FT
Full-Time Equivalent FTE
Fund, Funds, Funded, Funding Fund
General Gen
General Education Degree GED
General Ledger GL
Government Govt 7/11/2003
Grade Point Average GPA
Graduate or Graduation Grad
Grants Accounting System GAS 11/04/2004
Greater Than GT 7/11/2003
Group Grp
High School HS
Higher Education Information (system) HEI
Honor, Honorary Hon 7/11/2003
Hospital, Hospitalization Hosp
Human Resource HR
Human Resource System HRS
Identification ID
Immigration Arrival/Departure Document I94 8/26/2004
Immigration and Naturalization Service INS 8/26/2004
Indicator, Indication Ind
Information Info
Inquiry Inq
Institute, Institution Inst
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System IPEDS
Interest Int 7/11/2003
Interim Student and Exchange Authentication System ISEAS 8/26/2004
Invest, Investment Invest
International Intl  
Laboratory Lab
Legacy Lgcy 9/30/2005
Less Than LT 7/11/2003
Letter Ltr 7/11/2003
Level Lvl
Low, Lower Low 7/11/2003
Mail, Mailing Mail 7/11/2003
Maintenance Maint
Management Mgmt
Manager Mgr
Manufacture, Manufacturer, Manufacturing Mfg
Market Mkt
Mathematics Math
Matriculation, Matriculated Matric
Maximum Max
Mechanical Mech 7/11/2003
Medical Med 7/11/2003
Medicare Qualified Government Employment MQGE 1/29/2007
Middle Mid
Minimum Min
Miscellaneous Misc
Modify, Modification, Modifier Mod
Monday Mon
Month to Date MTD
Multiple Mult
National Natl
National Science Foundation NSF 8/26/2003
Non-Degree Graduate NDG 7/21/2003
Not Applicable NA
Number Num
Occurrences Occurs
Ohio Board of Regents OBR
Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services ODJFS 2/28/2006
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System OPERS 2/28/2006
Optional Opt 7/11/2003
Organization Org 7/11/2003
Original Orig
Out, Outcome, Outstanding Out 7/11/2003
Overtime OT
Parameter Parm 7/11/2003
Part-Time PT
Pay, Payable, Payment Pay
Percent, Percentile Pct
Permanent Perm
Personal Identification Number PIN
Plan, Planned, Planning Plan 7/11/2003
Portable Document Format PDF 11/16/2007
Position Pos
Principal Investigator PI 7/11/2003
Preference, Prefer, Preferred Pref 1/13/2006
Preliminary Prelim 7/11/2003
Prepared, Preparatory, Preparation Prep 7/11/2003
President Pres 7/11/2003
Prevail, Prevailing, Prevalent Prevail 7/11/2003
Previous Prev
Principal Investigator PI
Product Prod
Professional Staff Association PSA 9/18/2003
Professor, Profession, Professional Prof 7/11/2003
Program Pgm
Promotion Promo
Public Employee Retirement System (Ohio) PERS 7/11/2003
Purchase Order PO 7/11/2003
Quantity Qty 7/11/2003
Quarter Qtr
Quarter to Date QTD
Queue Que 7/11/2003
Receive, Receivable, Received, Receiving Receive 7/11/2003
Record Rec
Redistribution Redist 4/16/2008
Reference, Referred, Referral Ref 7/11/2003
Registrar, Registration Reg 9/29/2005
Report, Reported, Reporting Rpt
Requisition Req 7/11/2003
Residence, Resident Res 6/4/2008
Responsibility, Responsible, Response, Respond Resp 7/11/2003
Retire, Retirement Retire 7/11/2003
Retroactive Retro 7/11/2003
Revised Rev
Saturday Sat
Scholarship Scholar 11/18/2004
Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT
Schedule, Scheduled Sch
Second, Secondary Second 7/11/2003
Segment Seg 7/11/2003
Semester Sem 7/11/2003
Sequence, Sequential Seq 7/11/2003
Ship, Shipping, Shipment Ship 7/11/2003
Sign, Signature, Signer, Signing Sign 7/11/2003
Social Security Number SSN 9/14/2007
State Teachers Retirement System STRS 2/28/2006
Specification Spec 7/11/2003
Square Sq
Statistics Stats
Student Aid Management (system) SAM
Student Credit Hours SCH
Student Identification Number SID
Student Information System SIS
Student Program Entry SPE 9/19/2006
Subsidiary Ledger SL
Sum, Summary, Summation Sum
Sunday Sun
Technical Tech 7/11/2003
Temporary Temp
Thursday Thu
Taxpayer Identification Number TIN 7/11/2003
Total Tot
Transaction Trans
Transaction Integration System TIS 9/18/2003
Tuesday Tue
Undergraduate Ugrd
United States US
Universal Identification UID 6/28/2006
University Univ
University Office of Research UOR 8/26/2003
University of Toledo UT
University of Toledo Active Directory UTAD 8/17/2006
Use, Using, Usage, Used Use 7/11/2003
Veteran Vet
Vice President VP 7/11/2003
Wednesday Wed
Year to Date YTD
Zip Code ZIP 7/11/2003
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