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2016-2017 Work-Study Procedures

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program provides funds for part-time employment to help upper-level students finance the cost of their education. It is a limited resource and will only be added to your financial aid package per request and subject to availability. Accepting FWS may reduce your overall student loan eligibility. There are numerous FWS positions available throughout the Law and University community. Students who participate in the Federal Work-Study program must complete appropriate payroll paperwork and will receive bi-weekly paychecks. Please contact the Law Financial Aid Office for more details.

Work-Study Procedures

**For any forms or communications via e-mail, you must use your UT Rocket e-mail account.

Step One:  Complete Financial Aid Process

To be considered for Work-Study funding, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete your 2016-2017 FAFSA
  • Submit a completed 2016-2017 Work-Study Request to Law Office of Professional Development
  • Receive award notification (via email and myUT portal)
  • Accept award (via myUT portal)

Once you accept the award, Financial Aid will process your acceptance and a contract will be generated.  The Financial Aid office will contact you via e-mail when the contract has been mailed to you. 

Step Two:  Completion of Required Documents

The following documents must be completed and returned to the Law Office of Professional Development (Room 1030). See the Law Office of Professional Development for instructions to complete employment paperwork:

    • Instructions for completing your Work-Study Contract:
      Blank How to Complete
      Position/Title Intern
      Department/Org # College of Law - 102070
      Position (Enter your workplace here)
      Phone # 419-530-2851
      Job Categories (If working on campus): select appropriate type.
      (If working at an off campus organization): select “B __ Community Service”
      Supervisor Information Must include name, signature, e-mail, and date signed by the workplace supervisor or on campus supervisor
      Liaison Information To be completed by OPD.
      Student Student must sign and date student statement (and Summer Community Work-Study Statement, if applicable).

Step Three: During Work Study

You cannot work until you have received confirmation that you are on payroll.  You must monitor the hours that you work.  If you go over your work-study eligible hours, the time will be pro bono and you will not be paid.

You are responsible for submitting your time electronically through the myUT portal by the end of the day on the last day of the pay period.  Once you input your time, we require that you print a confirmation sheet, have your supervisor sign it, and fax (419-530-7922) or e-mail ( the signed confirmation to us so that we may verify the work being completed.  If you fail to complete this process by the end of the day on the last day of the pay period, your timecard will not be processed for that pay period and you will not be paid. 

If you suspect that you are not going to make academic progress, do not start work until grades are posted.

Students who do NOT enroll half-time (6 credits) for summer classes MUST enroll at least half-time (6 credits) for fall 2016 to qualify for summer work study funds for an approved community service/public interest position. If you plan to transfer, don’t work.  If you plan to work for a faculty member or elsewhere on campus, you must be enrolled half-time (6 credits) for summer.

You will be required to complete an employer evaluation at the end of your summer experience.  The employer will complete an evaluation of your performance at the end of your service.

If you change positions or wish to extend your work study beyond your initial request, contact the Law Financial Aid office.



Financial Aid   419.530.7929
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Last Updated: 5/13/16