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Student Ambassador Program

Jacob J. Hamilton

Jacob J. Hamilton

“Don’t get down on yourself; Finishing up undergrad, studying for the LSAT, preparing for law school, etc……Push through it. Don’t lose sight of your end goal. Make a schedule and stick to it. Learn to say “NO”, don’t let others dictate your future. Don’t forget to make time for yourself aside from studying.”

Year in Law School

Undergraduate / Major
Bowling Green State University

Toledo, OH

Relevant Experience and Employment
United States Attorney’s Office (DOJ) ; Drug Enforcement Administration (DOJ) ; Oregon Municipal Court

Organizations and Activities
Student Bar Association; Business Law; Criminal Law (in the Fall)

Areas of Professional Interest
Criminal Law, Sports Law, Business Law

What are your career goals?
Currently still deciding what area of law I want to practice as well as Federal or State. I hope to get law firm experience my 2L summer, at that time I will have a better understanding of what I would like to do and where I would like to practice.

What motivated you to purse a legal career?
I want to help those who cannot help themselves. Also, the success of our country relies on the legal system, it should be upheld and respected at all times. 

Favorite Class/Professor(s)
Civil Procedure , Property II , Lawyering Skills

Thoughts on Toledo
Amazing legal community, very small niche, high grade professionalism, tremendous lawyers, growing city.

Personal Interests
Hockey, Golf, Beach Volleyball, Softball, Detroit Red Wings,   Notre Dame Football


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Last Updated: 10/9/18