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Legal Thank You Letters

Thank you letters were once considered to be a nice touch. Now they are fairly standard and are expected. Your thank you letter must not contain any mistakes or it could actually hurt your chances of securing the position.


  • Thank you notes should always be written and mailed within 48 hours of an interview.  
  • In your letter, refer to the positive aspects of the interview, perhaps mentioning a particular topic you discussed with the interviewer, and confirm your interest in the employer.
  • When you have a “day” of interviews at a firm, you should, at a minimum, send a letter to the hiring partner and to the person who coordinated the interviews or otherwise played a major role in the interviews. However, it is best practice to send a short letter to each person who spent time with you; it may make a difference in the selection process.
  • We are often asked if thank you letters should be in e-mail, standard letter, or hand-written note format and our answer is, it depends. Some employers prefer receiving an e-mail or a hand-written thank you note, while others find anything less than a typed letter on letterhead unprofessional. What format you use will depend on the situation.  If you know that the employer will be making their final candidate selection quickly and/or you have been communicating with them primarily via e-mail, then e-mail may be the way to go.  In other situations, a typed letter on letterhead is often well received.

Sample Thank You Letter

Last Updated: 5/13/16