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Faculty Publications

Our small faculty is doing big things in legal scholarship. Consider these numbers:

  • In 2012 and 2013, articles and books by Toledo Law professors have been cited in six briefs submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court, opinions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth and Tenth Circuits and U.S. District Courts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Virginia, and numerous law reviews, including the California Law Review, Columbia Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Emory Law Journal, George Washington Law Review, Georgetown Law Journal, Michigan Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Stanford Law Review, Texas Law Review, and Yale Law Journal,  to mention just a few.

  • Three of Toledo Law’s faculty members are elected members of The American Law Institute. Two are American Bar Foundation Fellows.

A list of faculty scholarship is below. You can also learn more about our faculty’s expertise by visiting a professor’s individual profile or our Newsroom.


Forthcoming 2015

Kara Bruce, Vindicating Bankruptcy Rights, (forthcoming 2015).

Shelley Cavalieri, Grounding Land Reform, 89 St. John’s L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2015).

Eric C. Chaffee, An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Use of Ethical Intuition in Legal Compliance Decision Making for Business Entities, 75 Maryland Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015).

Eric C. Chaffee, The Death and Rebirth of Codes of Legal Ethics:  The Role of Neuroscientific Evidence of Irrational Ethical Decision-Making in Regulating the Practice of Law, 27 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics __ (forthcoming 2015).

Eric C. Chaffee, An Oak is an Oak Is an Oak Is an Oak:  The Disappointing Entrenchment in Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John Fund, Inc. of the Implied Private Right of Action Under Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5,”9 NYU Journal of Law & Liberty __ (forthcoming 2015).

Eric C. Chaffee, Answering the Call to Reinvent Legal Education: The Need to Incorporate Practical Business and Transactional Skills Training into the Curricula of America’s Law Schools, 19 Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance 121 (2015).

Llewellyn J. Gibbons, Mastering Intellectual Property Licensing, Valuation, and Management (Carolina Academic Press, forthcoming 2015) (with Lars S. Smith).

Llewellyn J. Gibbons, Mastering Trademark Law (People’s Court Press, Beijing 2015)(with Lars S. Smith and translator Zhang Nan).

Llewellyn J. Gibbons, Intellectual Property: Valuation, Licensing, Management and Taxation (publisher, forthcoming­) (with John Cross, Lars Smith, and Peter Yu).

Llewellyn J. Gibbons, Trademark Myths: The Law, Science, and Economics of Trademark Law (publisher, forthcoming).

Gregory M. Gilchrist, Trial Bargaining, 101 Iowa Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015).

Agnieszka McPeak, Avoiding Misrepresentation in Informal Social Media Discovery,  __ SMU Science and Technology Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015 symposium issue).

Nicole B. Porter, The New ADA Backlash, 82 Tennessee Law Review 1 (forthcoming 2015).

Nicole B. Porter, What Disability Means to Me: When the Personal and Professional Collide, 5 HLRe: Off the Record 101 (2015) (Houston Law Review’s Online Companion).

Nicole B. Porter, Withdrawn Accommodations, __ Drake Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015).

Nicole B. Porter, Caregiver Conundrum Redux: The Entrenchment of Structural Norms, 91 Denver University Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015).

Nicole B. Porter, A Defining Moment: Book Review of Disability & Equity at Work, 18 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 289 (2015).

Geoffrey C. Rapp, Does the Public Care How the Supreme Court Reasons? Empirical Evidence from a National Experiment and Normative Concerns in the Case of Same-Sex Marriage, __ North Carolina Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015) (with Courtney Cahill).

Geoffrey C. Rapp, Institutional Control and Corporate Governance, 2016 Brigham Young University Law Review__ (forthcoming 2015).

Lee J. Strang, Originalism’s Subject Matter: Why the Declaration of Independence is Not Part of the Constitution, 89 Southern California Law Review__ (forthcoming 2015) (invited symposium essay).

Lee J. Strang, Cases and Materials on Federal Constitutional Law: Introduction to Interpretative Methods, and Federal Judicial Power (2d ed., LexisNexis, forthcoming 2015) (Volume 1 in the Modular Casebook Series).

Lee J. Strang, Cases and Materials on Federal Constitutional Law: Federal Executive Power and Separation of Powers (2d ed., LexisNexis, forthcoming 2015) (Volume 2 in the Modular Casebook Series).

Lee J. Strang, Cases and Materials on Federal Constitutional Law: Federal Legislative Power (2d ed., LexisNexis, forthcoming 2015) (Volume 3 in the Modular Casebook Series).

Evan Zoldan, Is Calder Bull? How Exposing a Historical Blunder Resolves a Modern Constitutional Debate, 2015 Wisconsin Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015).

Rebecca E. Zietlow, The Forgotten Emancipator: James Mitchell Ashley and the Ideological Origins of Reconstruction (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2015).

Evan Zoldan, Reviving Legislative Generality, 98 Marquette Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015).


Shelley Cavalieri, Capabilities Approach, in The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies (Nancy A. Naples, et al., eds.) (2014).

Eric C. Chaffee, From Legalized Business Ethics to International Trade Regulation: The Role of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Other Transnational Anti-Bribery Regulations in Fighting Corruption in the International Trade, 65 Mercer Law Review 701 (2014).  

Benjamin G. Davis, American Diversity in International Arbitration 2003-2013, 25 American Review of International Arbitration 255 (2014).

Benjamin G. Davis, Addressing Federalism and Separation of Powers Social Violence: The Ordinary Citizen's Voting Rights Beyond Shelby County, North Carolina and Ohio, 33 Mississippi College Law Review 181 (2014).

Jelani Jefferson Exum, Forget Sentencing Equality: Moving from the ‘Cracked’ Cocaine Debate Toward Particular Purpose Sentencing, 18 Lewis & Clark Law Review 95 (2014).

Llewellyn J. Gibbons, E Unum Pluribus: After Bond v. United States, State Law As A Gap Filler To Meet The International Obligations Of The United States, 46 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 149 (2014). 

Llewellyn J. Gibbons, Fake it Until You Make It: A Justification for Intellectual Property ‘Piracy’, 48 Indiana Law Review 65 (2014).

Gregory M. Gilchrist, Counsel's Role in Bargaining for Trials, 99 Iowa Law Review 1979 (2014).

Gregory M. Gilchrist, The Special Problem of Banks and Crime, 85 University of Colorado Law Review 1 (2014).

Jessica Knouse, Liberty, Equality, and Parentage in the Era of Posthumous Conception, 27 Journal of Law & Health 9 (2014).

Agnieszka McPeak, Social Media Snooping and Its Ethical Bounds, 46 Arizona State Law Journal 845 (2014).

Nicole B. Porter, Mutual Marginalization: Individuals with Disabilities and Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities, 66 Florida Law Review 1099 (2014). 

Nicole B. Porter, Finding a Fix for the FMLA: A New Perspective, A New Solution, 31 Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal 327 (2014).

Nicole B. Porter, Choices, Bias, and the Value of the Paycheck Fairness Act: A Response Essay, 29 ABA J. Lab. & Emp. L. 429 (2014).

Nicole B. Porter, Women, Unions, and Negotiation, 14 Nevada Law Journal 465 (2014).

Nicole B. Porter, Symposium: Teaching Labor and Employment Law, A Proposal to Improve the Workplace Law Curriculum from a Corporate Compliance Perspective, 58 Saint Louis University Law Journal 155 (2014). 

Geoffrey C. Rapp, Schooling Bill, 45 University of Toledo Law Review 737 (2014).

Geoffrey C. Rapp, Are SOX and Dodd-Frank Securities Laws? The Answer is Up in the Air, 45 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 537 (2014).

Geoffrey C. Rapp, Careers in Sports Law (ABA, 2014) (with Marc Edelman).

William M. Richman, Jurisdiction in Civil Actions: Territorial Basis and Process Limitations on Jurisdiction of State and Federal Courts (4th ed. forthcoming 2014). (with Robert C. Casad & Stanley Cox).

William M. Richman, Jurisdiction in Civil Actions (4th ed., ________, 2014).

Joseph E. Slater, Mastering Labor Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2014) (with Paul Secunda, Anne Lofaso, and Jeffrey Hirsch).

Lee J. Strang, The Forgotten Jurisprudential Debate: Catholic Legal Thought’s Response to Legal Realism, 98 Marquette Law Review __ (forthcoming 2014) (with John M. Breen).

Lee J. Strang, Originalism’s Promise and Limits, 62 Cleveland State Law Review 81 (2014) (invited symposium essay).

Lee J. Strang, Cases and Materials on Federal Constitutional Law: The First Amendment (LexisNexis 2014) (Volume 6 in the Modular Casebook Series).


Kara Bruce, The Debtor Class, 88 Tul. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2013).

Shelley Cavalieri, Medicaid Access for Disabled Military Dependents: Legal and Regulatory Analysis, Report to the Department of Defense (2013).

Benjamin G. Davis, The 9/11 Military Commission Motion Hearings: An Ordinary Citizen Looks at Comparative Legitimacy, Southern Illinois University Law Review (Forthcoming 2013)

Benjamin G. Davis, State Criminal Prosecution of a Former United States President in United States Domestic State Courts: A Thought-Experiment on Limits to the United States President’s Constitutional Powers Regarding Armed Conflict   Liber Amicorum Augusto Sinagra (Forthcoming 2013), Full Professor of European Union Law at "Sapienza" University of Rome, available at SSRN:

Eric C. Chaffee, Global Perspectives on International Securities Regulation (with Frank Gevurtz & Mark Steinberg) (forthcoming 2013).

Eric C. Chaffee, The Role of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Other Transnational Anti-Corruption Laws in Preventing or Lessening Future Financial Crisis, 73 Ohio St. L.J.  (forthcoming 2013).

Eric C. Chaffee, The Role of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Other Transnational Anti-Corruption Laws in Preventing or Lessening Future Financial Crisis, 73 Ohio St. L.J.  (forthcoming 2013).

Llewellyn J. Gibbons, Mastering Trademark and Unfair Competition Law (forthcoming 2013).

Llewellyn J. Gibbons, Patent Infringementin 2 Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime 599 (Lawrence M. Salinger ed., 2d ed. 2013).

Llewellyn J. Gibbons, Regulatory Approaches: Crisis, Danger or Opportunity for Copyright and Trademark Law in the United States, in Perspectives on American Law (Beijing: Peking Univ. Press, forthcoming 2013).

Bruce M. Kennedy, Eminent Domain: A Two Edged Sword of Property Lawin A Reader in American Law for Chinese Law Students and Lawyers (Beijing: Peking Univ. Press, 2013).

Bruce M. Kennedy, A Brief Introduction to U.S. Legal Research Materials, in A Reader in American Law for Chinese Law Students and Lawyers (Beijing: Peking Univ. Press, 2013).

Gregory M. Gilchrist, Trial Bargaining, Iowa L. Rev. (forthcoming 2013).

Gregory M. Gilchrist, The Special Problem of Banks and Crime, 85 U. Colorado  L. R. ____ (forthcoming 2013).

Gregory M. Gilchrist, Condemnation Without Basis: An Expressive Problem with Corporate Prosecutions, 64 Hastings L. J.  1121 (2013).

Bryan Lammon, Rules, Standards, and Experimentation in Appellate Jurisdiction, 74 Ohio St. L.J.  (forthcoming 2013).

Jessica Knouse, Reconciling Liberty and Equality in the Debate over Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, 2013 Utah L. Rev. 107 (2013).

Kelly A. Moore, The Curious Case of Dr. Jekyll and the Estate Tax Marital Deduction: Should Prenuptial Agreements Alter the Relationship? N. Ill. U. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2013).

Nicole B. Porter, Mutual Marginalization: Individuals with Disabiltiies and Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities, 65 Fla. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2013).

Nicole B. Porter, Women, Unions, Negotiation, 13 Nev. L.J. (forthcoming 2013).

Nicole B. Porter, Martinizing Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 47 Ga. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2013).

Geoffrey Rapp, Careers in Sports Law (ABA, forthcoming 2013).

Geoffrey Rapp, Mutiny by the Bounties?  The Attempt to Reform Wall Street by the New Whistleblower Provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act, 2012 BYU L. Rev. 73, reprinted in Securities Law Review (forthcoming 2013).

Geoffrey Rapp, Intelligence Design: An Analysis of the SEC’s New Office of Market Intelligence, 81 U. Cin. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2013).

Geoffrey Rapp, Re-wiring the DNA of Securities Fraud Litigation: Let’s Start with Amgen, 44 Loy. U. Chi. L.J. (forthcoming 2013).

Geoffrey Rapp, Four Signal Moments in Whistleblower Law: 1983-2013, 30 Hofstra Lab. & Emp. L.J. (forthcoming 2013).

Geoffrey Rapp, Suicide, Concussions, and the NFL, 8 FIU L. Rev. (forthcoming 2013).

Geoffrey Rapp, Reichle v. Howards: Supreme Court Rules that Legal Uncertainty Favors Application of Qualified Immunity in First Amendment Retaliatory Arrest Claim, Lexis-Nexis Emerging Issues Analysis (forthcoming 2013).

William M. Richman, Understanding Conflict of Laws (Lexis 4th ed.) (forthcoming in 2013) (1st ed. 1984) (with William L. Reynolds and Matthias Reimann).

William M. Richman, Injustice on Appeal (Oxford University Press) (2013) (with William L. Reynolds).

Joseph E. Slater, The Strangely Unsettled State of Public-Sector Labor Law in the Past Thirty Years, 30 Hofstra Lab. & Emp. L.J. (forthcoming 2013).

Joseph E. Slater, Are Public-Sector Employees ‘Overpaid’ Relative to Private-Sector Employees? An Overview of the Studies, 52 Washburn L.J. (forthcoming 2013).

Joseph E. Slater, Attacks on Public-Sector Bargaining as Attacks on Employee Voice: A (Partial) Defense of the Wagner Act Model, 50 Osgoode Hall L.J. (forthcoming 2013).

Joseph E. Slater, Teaching Private-Sector Labor Law and Public Sector Labor Law Together, 57 St. Louis U. L.J. (forthcoming 2013).

Joseph E. Slater, Public Sector Bargaining Impasse Dispute Procedures as ADR: From 1919 to the Present, 28 Ohio St. J. on Disp. Resol. (forthcoming 2013).

William M. Richman, Understanding Conflict of Laws (Lexis 4th ed.) (forthcoming in 2013) (1st ed. 1984) (with William L. Reynolds and Matthias Reimann).

Joseph E. Slater, Modern Labor Law in the Private and Public Sectors: Cases and Materials (LEXIS Publishing, 2013).

Rebecca E. Zietlow, Rights of Belonging for Women, 1 Ind. J.L. & Soc. Equality (forthcoming 2013).

Lee J. Strang, Ethics and Philosophy, in New Catholic Encyclopedia: Supplement 2012-13 (Robert L. Fastiggi et al., eds., 2013).


Kara Bruce, Rehabilitating Bankruptcy Reform, 13 Nev. L.J. 174 (2012).

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Benjamin G. Davis, Obama and Libya, 7 F. A& M L. Rev 1 (2011) (published 2012).

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Eric C. Chaffee, Regulating On-line Peer-to-Peer Lending in the Aftermath of Dodd-Frank:  In Search of an Evolving Regulatory Regime for an Evolving Industry, 69 Wash. & Lee L. Rev.485 (2012) (with Geoffrey C. Rapp).

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Kenneth Kilbert, Good-Bye to Joint and Several Liability in Private CERCLA Actions, ABA Envt’l Litig. Sec. Newsl. (Summer 2012).

Jessica Knouse, Book Review: Intersexuality and the Law: Why Sex Matters, by Julie Greenberg, 46 Law& Soc’y Rev. 929 (2012).

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Additional Publications by Year


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