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Ronald D. Raitt

Ronald D. Raitt

Professor of Law Emeritus



Professor Ronald D. Raitt, a faculty member since 1966, is a graduate of the University of Nebraska (BS, JD).

Prior to joining the faculty, Professor Raitt was a pilot in the United States Air Force, Assistant U.S. Attorney and Minority Counsel, Antitrust and Monopoly Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate.

In addition, Professor Raitt has published in the fields of products liability and evidence.

Publications include Evidence Cases and Problems, 2nd ed., Harrison Co. (1995) and a number of articles including: "The Preemption and Economic Loss Provisions of the Ohio Product Liability Code," 16 U. of Dayton Law Rev. 583 (Spring, 1991);

"The Ohio Product Liability Code: The Mechanical Problems Involved in Applying Strict Tort Remedies to Economic Loss in Commercial Cases" 17 U. of Dayton Law Rev. 79 (Fall, 1991); and

"Personal Knowledge Under the Federal Rules of Evidence: A Three-Legged Stool," 18 Rutgers Law Journal 591 (1987).


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