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Peter Mezei

Lecturer in Law



Dr. Peter Mezei is an associate professor of law at the University of Szeged Law School in Szeged, Hungary, where he also serves as associate dean for strategic affairs.  He teaches Comparative Digital Copyright Law at Toledo Law.

At Szeged Law School, his courses include comparative law, copyright law, and digital copyright law.  Fluent in Hungarian, English and German, Dr. Mezei has taught courses or lectured at universities in Finland, France, Germany and Russia as well as in Hungary and the United States.  He has authored many books and articles, and he has presented at conferences on three continents.  In addition to his academic career, Dr. Mezei advises a wide variety of clients on copyright law matters.

Dr. Mezei holds law, legal translator, and Ph.D degrees from the University of Szeged.



Last Updated: 2/2/18