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The University of Toledo Law Review

The University of Toledo Law Review is a scholarly publication devoted to the discussion of current legal issues. Published three times a year, the Law Review contains articles by legal scholars and practitioners, comments by students on new developments in the law, and discussions by students of recent noteworthy cases.


The Law Review hosts a major symposium each fall. Recent symposia topics have addressed Gender EqualityCompliance RegulationsFederal Sentencing GuidelinesHealth LawEducation Law, Election Law, Public Sector Labor Law, Ohio’s Sentencing Policies & Practices, and Climate Change and the Future of Energy. Learn more about the 2018 Law Review Symposium on the Role of Technology in Professional Advice.

Deans' Leadership in Legal Series

The University of Toledo Law Review is also home to the Deans' Leadership in Legal Education Series. The articles in this series are written by deans of various law schools and address topics pertinent to legal education.


The Board of Editors invites the submission of scholarly articles. If your article is related to one of our forthcoming symposia, please indicate this fact when you submit your article. In addition, if you are in the process of writing an article or would like to write an article that relates to one of our symposia issues, please send copies of your manuscript, typed, double-spaced, and single-sided.

Alternatively, manuscripts may be submitted electronically by sending the manuscript in Microsoft Word format to Submissions are also accepted through Expresso and Scholastica.

Please follow the standards set forth in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015).

The Law Review will not return submitted materials.


The University of Toledo Law Review is published three times per year. Please contact the Law Review to subscribe or purchase individual issues.

Price Per Issue = $ 6.50 (domestic); $7.00 (foreign)
Price Per Volume = $25.00 (domestic); $32.00 (foreign)

Back issues are available from William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 1285 Main Street, Buffalo, New York 14209. For prices of back issues, please contact the William S. Hein & Company at 800.828.7571.


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