V. Tecumseh Products Steps In -- "...he said he gave us turkeys for Christmas...because when he was growing up they were poor and they couldn't afford turkeys." - Cordia Ross, Acklin press operator on Raymond Herrick, founder and longtime chairman of Tecumseh Products.

A. Tecumseh's History

The Tecumseh Products Company actually started in Hillsdale, Michigan in 1932, 21 years after Acklin was formed. In that year Raymond Herrick and two of his friends formed the Hillsdale Machine and Tool Company, an organization devoted to the manufacture of automotive parts. They had, however, an idea for better refrigeration parts and in 1934 they purchased a 50,000 square foot plant in Tecumseh, Michigan and changed their name to Tecumseh Products. In 1938 they brought out the first hermetically sealed refrigeration unit, but this line of business was sidelined for War production in the following years. By 1947 Tecumseh was a leader in the refrigerator compressor industry. In November of 1950 they purchased the Universal Cooler company of Marion, Ohio, branching out into the air conditioning business.

InJuly of 1952, Tecumseh Products announced its purchase of the Acklin Stamping Plant. Tecumseh had originally planned on building a new plant in Michigan and moving Acklin's employees and equipment, but Acklin refused, not wanting to "break a good organization" and the company stayed in Toledo. Initially at least, there were no changes to the companies management structure. Several Acklin executives took positions on Tecumseh's Board of Directors, and Tecumseh's President and Secretary took positions on Acklin's board








Raymond Herrick.

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