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How to Use This Tutorial

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The University of Toledo Libraries Research Tutorial is structured in Four main modules:

1. Orientation
2. Library Catalogs & Searches
3. Research Databases & Searches
4. Citation

Each module contains sections with information and interactive tutorials related to the module topic. Read and work through this material, and then take the quiz at the end of the module to test your knowledge.

To help you move through the module, there are several types of navigation:

Navigation Bar

At the top of each module page, you will see a Navigation Bar that will allow you to move through the module content with the "Previous" and "Next" options, and to return to the main module page (Module Menu) or the tutorial homepage (Main Menu) at any time.

Description of the navigation bar: click on Main Menu to return to the tutorial homepage; click on Module Menu to return to the list of topics in the current module; click on Prev to return to the previous topic in the module and click on Next to go to the next topic in the module

Drop-down List Navigation

Some module sections have many parts; in cases like this, a drop-down list for navigation is also provided. This allows you to move quickly to the topics that are of the most interest. To use drop-down navigation lists, choose the topic you would like to view and hit the "go" button.

using dropdown navigation menus: make your selection and then hit the go button

Interactive Tutorial Navigation

Some module sections contain interactive tutorials that have internal navigation. Use the "continue" and "back" buttons within the interactive tutorial to navigate that section:

interactive tutorial navigation: use the continue and back buttons


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Last Updated: 6/9/16