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General Information about the Library

I'm on Main Campus. What's with all the restrictions to people on the Health Science Campus? The licensing agreements for many of our online resources are restricted to faculty, staff, and students who either work or take classes on the Health Science Campus, or who work or take classes in one of the health-related colleges (Health Science and Human Service, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Medicine). If you need information from a restricted resource, contact Mulford Reference Assistance.

What are the library hours? Check the library's web site for library hours for the academic year and holiday information. The Mulford Library blog includes announcements about exam week and other special hours.

Where can I make a phone call in the library? If you need to use your mobile phone, there is a cell phone zone on the fifth floor of the library (look for the red phone booths); you can also talk in the restrooms or in an unalarmed stairwell. If you need to make an on-campus call (to the Medical Center or to another building on the Health Science Campus), there are red house phones on the fourth and fifth floors, by the back elevators. The closest pay phones are in the lobby of the University of Toledo Medical Center.

What newspapers does the library receive? The Library receives print copies of the Toledo Blade, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal; the current day's papers can be found on the fifth floor reading area. Other newspapers are available online, and older articles can be found online or through one of our news databases. If you need help finding a particular article, contact Mulford Reference Assistance.

Where can I find a computer to do word processing and check my email? Computers with Microsoft Office products, SPSS, EndNote, email software, web access, and other software are available in the Computer Learning Resource Center (CLRC), on the sixth floor of the Mulford Library Building. To enter the CLRC, you may be asked for a University ID card (from either campus). Laptop computers can also be checked out at the service desk on the fourth floor.

Where is lost and found located? The Mulford Library lost-and-found box is in the Online Resources Room (the computer lab on the fourth floor). After a period of time, items are taken to campus lost and found, which is at the security office in the basement of the building.

I need help! How can I contact a librarian? See our Ask a Librarian page for a list of the ways you can request help from a Mulford reference librarian. 

Library Resources

How can I find out what information resources the library owns? The online catalog will tell you what the library owns and the resources to which we have access. It can be searched by title, authors, keywords, etc.

How can I access MEDLINE, CINAHL, and other resources from off-campus? Faculty, residents, staff, and students affiliated with the University of Toledo Health Science Campus and who are registered with the Mulford Library (call 419.383.4225 to check your registration status) have access to most of the library's online resources from off-campus. (See the Remote Access page for more information.) For some resources, people (especially those affiliated with the Colleges of Pharmacy and Health Science and Human Service) from Main Campus have online access as well.

What if I can't get in to a resource from off-campus? If you can't get in to an online resource from off campus, here are some things to check:

  1. Check the online catalog to make sure we have off-campus access (for example, we do not have off-campus access to UpToDate).
  2. Access the resource through the Mulford Library web page rather than going to the site directly (our page will link you to a special web site or take you through the proxy server so that you'll have off-campus access)
  3. If there is a separate off-campus access link (as with CINAHL), make sure you are clicking on the off-campus link.
  4. If you are not being authenticated (the error message says that authentication failed), then there may be a problem with your library record. Contact Mulford Access Services (419.383.4225) to have our staff check your record.
  5. If the system indicates that you have been authenticated (no error message), but you are returned to the authentication page or you are not able to access the resource, it may be a cookie problem; try lowering your browser's security setting a little bit.
  6. If you still can't access the resource, contact Mulford Reference Assistance.

How does online borrowing work? Online borrowing through OhioLINK is available to faculty, residents, staff, and students affiliated with the University of Toledo (call 419.383.4225 to check your registration status). From the OhioLINK catalog, you can request to borrow items from other OhioLINK libraries; the only restrictions are items that cannot be checked out of the library (Library Use Only) as well as books that we have here at University of Toledo. In the OhioLINK catalog, find the item to borrow, then click on REQUEST THIS ITEM. Follow the instructions. The average turn-around time for items borrowed through OhioLINK is 5 working days.

How can I find out if the library has a title when all that is available is the journal abbreviation: Ann Rheum Dis? To find a full journal title for an abbreviation (or an abbreviation for a full title), search the PubMed Journals database. If you need help finding a particular title, contact Mulford Reference Assistance.

How can I find out which online journals are available at Mulford? To see if we have an online journal at Mulford, there are two places to check. (1) do a title search in the library catalog for the title of the journal; or (2) search/browse our list of online journals. For help, contact Mulford Reference Assistance.

How can I find course reading materials that my professor has put on reserve? To see if your professor has materials for class on reserve, check the reserves module of the catalog (by course -- by instructor). Reserve materials may be requested from the service desk on the fourth floor.

How do I recommend that the library purchase a particular book or journal? Recommendations for a book purchase or journal subscription can be submitted using our online or paper forms (paper forms are found in the computer lab on the fourth floor).

Why can't I get access to ___ resource (UpToDate, Clinical Key, Cochrane Library, etc.)? To access any of our full-text resources, use the Full-Text Resources link on the Mulford home page. The links on this page are set up for both on campus and remote access. We don't have off-campus access to all resources, most notably UpToDate. Access to some resources may be restricted to Main or the Health Science Campus only.

What's EndNote? How can I get help using it? Can I use it at home? EndNote is a program that is used to manage references and to cite and format references in a manuscript. The Library offers online help materials as well as training for EndNote (open to people on both campuses). EndNote is available for home use for faculty, residents, staff, and students affiliated with the Health Science Campus. People affiliated with Main Campus can come to the computer lab on the sixth floor of the Mulford Library (CLRC) to use EndNote.

Interlibrary Loan/Circulation Policies

How can I get a library card if I'm a student, staff, or faculty member on Main Campus?No need! If you are registered with one of the University of Toledo Libraries, you are registered at all of them.

How can I get a library card if I'm not affiliated with the University of Toledo? If you are not affiliated with the University of Toledo or another OhioLINK institution, you may purchase a library card, which will allow you to check out books from the Mulford library and request articles through interlibrary loan. For more information, contact Access Services at 419.383.4225.

How long will it take to get a book or journal article through interlibrary loan? Most materials requested through interlibrary loan arrive within 5-10 working days from the date of the request (journal articles tend to be received sooner than books). Interlibrary request forms are available online and in print (at the Mulford Library). For more information, contact Interlibrary Services at 419.383.3973.

What is the maximum number of items that can be borrowed at one time? Faculty, residents, staff, and students affiliated with the Health Science Campus can check out up to 50 items at a time. Limits differ for people who are not affiliated with UT.

How can I renew books over the phone or online? Books can be renewed by calling 419.383.4225 or by going to your library record (unless there is a hold on the item or it is overdue). Log in to your account (your barcode is your SSN, unless you selected another number) and view the books checked out to renew. See the library's web page for more information about renewals.

What will I be charged if my book is returned late? Overdue reserve items are $1.00 per hour. Overdue books are $.50 per item per day; remember that items may be renewed before they are overdue.

Is there a drop box on the Health Science Campus where I can drop off my books? There is a drop box located in the main lobby of the Health Education Building.

Can I turn in items at one of the libraries on Main Campus? Yes, items borrowed from the Mulford Library can be returned at any other University of Toledo library (and any OhioLINK library).

Printing and Copying

How much does it cost to make photocopies? Photocopiers are located on the fifth floor of the library. Copies are 5 cents per page using change. Copies can also be made using  a Rocket Card Account or a departmental copy card number. For more information about making copies in the library, ask at the service desk.

Can I charge copies to my department? Your department may have a copy code that you can use at the Mulford Library. Ask your administrative assistant or secretary (the Library does not have a list of codes). At Mulford, the code may only work on certain machines; ask for assistance at the service desk on the fourth floor.

Will the library photocopy an article for me? The Library will copy articles that are available in the library for faculty, residents, and staff for $.25 per page. Please check with Access Services (419.383.4225) before requesting this service.

How can I get a copy of an article from an online journal? To determine if a journal is available online, check the library catalog or our list of online journals. For more information, contact Mulford Reference Assistance.

How can I get a copy of an article not owned by the library? Journal articles that are not available at Mulford can be requested through Interlibrary Services using the online form or by completing a paper form, available in the library.


Where is the Mulford Library located? The Mulford Library is located on the University of Toledo Health Science Campus, on the fourth and fifth floors of the Mulford Library Building. For more information, see Getting to the Mulford Library.
Last Updated: 6/9/16