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Applying for Membership in the Academy

The Academy of Educators (AOE) is faculty group looking to make an impact on the University of Toledo and our educational environment. Faculty members with a strong interest in education are being recruited as members. These individuals should be enthusiastic and motivated to engage in a range of educational activities. The Academy will sponsor a variety of events throughout the year that will serve as opportunities supporting our educational mission and ideals. Members will be encouraged to develop new ideas for practical application (instruction or evaluation) and scholarly work (educational research).

Membership Qualifications:

Membership in the academy is reserved for full and part time college faculty who are engaged in educational activity as defined by the AAMC group on educational affairs (teaching, instructional/curriculum development, advising/mentoring, educational leadership/administration/service, and learner assessment). Faculty applying should have some evidence of contribution in each of the five areas defined in the application and should be able to identify one area where they have demonstrated significant contribution and/or achievement. Membership decisions will be based on activities that occurred during the three years prior to the submission of the application.


Membership in the COMLS Academy of Educators reflects that a faculty member is already among the best of educators within medicine and the life sciences and has demonstrated a passion for educating the next generation of healthcare providers. Academy membership brings with it an expectation of ongoing excellence in medical education as well as active participation in the work of the academy. It is hoped that either individually and/or collectively, a member will strengthen or make a difference in the learning environment at the University of Toledo COMLS. This can be achieved in various ways that might include partnering with other Academy members on committees or work groups or conducting workshops, talks or faculty mentoring in the name of the Academy. We hope to foster opportunities for increased medical education research.

Renewal of Academy membership is expected every three years where one has the opportunity to show one's ongoing interest and activity in education and service to the Academy.




Last Updated: 6/30/19