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Medical Oncology Fellowship Program

The fellowship was started as an oncology only fellowship in 2009. Currently, we have a 100% pass rate on the Oncology boards. The plan is to transition into a hematology-oncology fellowship program in the near future.

The medical oncology fellowship was established in 2009. Currently, we have a 100% pass rate on the Oncology boards. 

The medical oncology program will be transitioning into a hematology-oncology fellowship program beginning in July 2019.

The Oncology fellows’ experiences will be three-fold: Oncology Inpatient ServiceOncology Consult Service, and Oncology Ambulatory Medicine

Inpatient Service

The Oncology Inpatient Service is a general oncology service that admits patients requiring intensive chemotherapy and monitoring, such as those with acute leukemia, and those with complications of treatment, such as neutropenic fever or uncontrolled gastrointestinal symptoms.

One Oncology fellow will be assigned to the Inpatient Service monthly. The fellow is expected to participate in patient management rounds occurring Monday through Friday and is expected to round one weekend day with the attending (either Saturday/Sunday 8-10 a.m.).  On weekdays, short evening rounds also will take place among team members to discuss the new admissions during the day as well as to update team members about the significant events with service patients.

The Oncology Fellow will serve as a mentor and teacher for more junior team members.

Consult Service

The Oncology Consult Service provides the fellow with experience evaluating findings, establishing a diagnosis, planning appropriate cancer staging strategies, and developing a treatment plan for patients on other medical or surgical services for whom medical oncology expertise is sought.  Some of these patients will already have a cancer diagnosis, while others will present with problems that have not yet been diagnosed as cancer.  As the initial medical oncology contact, the fellow will be given the learning experience in providing an expert sub-specialist evaluation, which will then be discussed and refined with the attending oncologist. 

Ambulatory Medicine

The Oncology Ambulatory Medicine experience for the Oncology fellows will consist of:

  1. Longitudinal Continuity Clinics, which continue throughout fellowship
  2. General Oncology Clinics, staffed by various oncology attendings at Dana Cancer Center and Hickman Cancer Center
  3. Focused experiences in Genetics/High Risk, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Gynecologic Oncology, Palliative Care, Survivorship, Cardio-Oncology, and Breast Clinic.

Additional Experiences

Additional experiences by the fellows will include participation in multidisciplinary Tumor Boards (including General Tumor Board, Lung Tumor Board, CNS Tumor Board, Urology Tumor Board, and Heme/Onc/Rad/Onc Conferences), at which time he/she may present his/her patients for discussion. 

Fellows will also participate in regularly scheduled Oncology Division conferences, including monthly Journal Club, weekly Clinical Review Conference, weekly Didactics, and weekly Board Review.

There is a one-month Blood and Marrow Transplant rotation at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, which is typically completed during the second year of training.

Teaching Role

As an integral part of learning a more sophisticated sub-specialty level of care, the oncology fellow will be involved in teaching and supervising the medicine residents and medical students regarding the oncologic and related hematologic aspects of each patient's medical care.  This role would be shared with the attending, with each having different levels of expertise, thus allowing complementary roles in the interactive teaching hierarchy.  The teaching role shared by the attending and the oncology fellow enhances the learning environment and interaction for learners at all levels and helps the fellow to develop into a teaching consultant.  In this setting the oncology fellow will provide some of the clinical and didactic teaching at the bedside on work rounds, teaching rounds and at team conferences.

While on the Oncology Consult Service, the oncology fellow has a similar role of teaching and educating the house staff, students, as well other specialty attendings regarding patient care issues germane to the requested oncology consultation.

Program Director

Cherian Verghese, M.D., MPHCherian Verghese, M.D., MPH

3000 Arlington Ave.
MS 1186
Toledo, OH 43614
Phone: 419.383.3727
Fax: 419.383.6197

Associate Program Director

Danae M. Hamouda, MDDanae M. Hamouda, MD

3000 Arlington Ave.
MS 1186
Toledo, OH 43614
Phone: 419.383.3727
Fax: 419.383.6197

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