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Overview & Schedule

During the second year of Neurology residency the focus is on the management of the inpatient service.  Residents spend 6 months caring for patients admitted for neurological problems, learning to perform a thorough history and neurological exam with an emphasis on localization, differential diagnosis, evaluation and treatment.  PGY-2 year also includes rotations in Neuro-rehabilitation, Neuro-radiology, Stroke and 3 months in the outpatient clinic. 

The third year of neurology training allows the resident to assume greater responsibility in the emergency room, outpatient clinics and inpatient wards.  The resident acts as senior resident on the inpatient service for 2 months during the second half of the year. There is a one month electroencephalography rotation during which the resident learns to perform and interpret electroencephalograms (EEG).  They receive training in evoked potentials and intensive monitoring techniques.  There is also a one month rotation in Sleep Medicine and a Neuropathology and EMG rotation where the resident learns nerve conduction as well as electromyography techniques and participates in the clinical evaluation and treatment of neuromuscular disease.  In addition to three months of outpatient clinic, the resident may choose one elective rotation. 

In the final year, the Neurology resident receives progressively more responsibility in the capacity of senior resident.  The senior resident oversees inpatient care teaching the residents and medical students.  A three month rotation in pediatric neurology allows the resident to gain new skills and knowledge in problems unique to this population, as well as review principles of pediatric EEG.  Senior residents spend three months in general and sub-specialty clinics and have the opportunity to do two electives. 

Typical Schedule:   

Radiology - 1 month                   
Rehab - 1 month                                                   
Inpatient - 3 months                       
Outpatient - 2 months                
Consult - 3 months                 
Stroke - 2 months

EEG - 1 month
EMG - 1 month
Sleep - 1 month
Elective - 1 month
Inpatient - 1 month
Consult - 3 months
Stroke - 1 month
Outpatient - 3 months

Neuro Peds - 3 months
Psychiatry - 1 month
Electives - 2 months
Inpatient - 2 months
Consult - 2 months
Outpatient - 2 months


Last Updated: 5/11/18