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Current OB/GYN Residents

PGY - 4 | PGY - 3 | PGY - 2 | PGY-1

PGY - 4

Ben Adebayo

Benjamin Adebayo, M.D.
University of Toledo
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Jessica Basham

Jessica Basham, M.D.
Indiana University
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Robert Drenchko

Robert Drenchko, D.O.
Lake Erie College
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Kayla Nebelsick

Kayla Nebelsick, D.O.
Rocky Vista University
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PGY - 3

Fernando Mariz

Fernando Mariz, M.D. 
Poznan University
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Helen O'Connell

Helen O'Connell, M.D. 
University College
Cork, Ireland
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Ifeanyi Opoku

Ifeanyi Opoku, M.D.
University of Wisconsin
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Roger Sandelin

Roger Sandelin, M.D. 
University of Central Florida
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Lauren Regueyra, M.D. 

Lauren Regueyra, M.D.
University of Toledo
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PGY - 2

Emily Slutsky

Emily Slutsky, M.D. 
University College Cork
School of Medicine
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Jehanna Erho

Jehanna Erho, M.D. 
Loma Linda University
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Alesha Prior

Alesha Prior, M.D.
St. George's University
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Kellen Goldschmidt

Kellen Goldschmidt, M.D.
Loyola University
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PGY - 1

Danielle Beaver, D.O.

Danielle Beaver, D.O.
Des Moines University
College of Osteopathic Medicine
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Nikolina Docheva, M.D.

Nikolina Docheva, M.D.
University of Nottingham
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Rosie Li, M.D.

Rosie Li, M.D.
Wayne State University
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Morgan Salomon, M.D.

Morgan Salomon, M.D.
University of Pittsburg
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