Dept of Pediatrics

Divisions: Primary Care Pediatrics

During weekly continuity clinics, the newborn rotation, ambulatory pediatric rotations and various learning sessions, the residents have an extensive exposure to the General Pediatrics Division at both the University of Toledo, the Family Care Center, Toledo Children's Pediatric Clinic, and other community practices (including one suburban and one rural pediatric office). A detailed general pediatrics curriculum is the framework for the education of residents at all levels as they develop into physicians who will be able to function as general pediatricians or go on to further training in a chosen subspecialty.     

UTPediatric Clinic Faculty:


              Bevington                D'Agostino                            

Cathi Badik, MD                         Joyce Bevington, MD                Rosemary D'Agostino, MD        Valarie Stricklen, MD                  Mary Beth Wroblewski, MD              

Last Updated: 6/9/16