Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Patricia J. Metting, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Phone: (419) 383-5452
Fax: (419) 383-4228


Research Interests:

Predictors of Medical Student Performance in the Basic Sciences and Medical Licensing Examinations; Regulation of Cardiac Adenosine Production; Regulation of Blood Pressure and Blow Flow during Exercise; Renal and Cardiovascular Mechanisms of Hypertension

Recent Selected Publications:

Hussain SO, JC Barbato, LG Koch, PJ Metting and SL Britton. Cardiac function in rats selectively bred for low (LCR) and high (HCR) capacity running. American Journal of Physiology 281:R1787-R1791, 2001.

Koch LG, TA Meredith, TD Fraker, PJ Metting and SL Britton. Heritability of Treadmill Running Endurance in Rats. American Journal of Physiology 275:R1455-R1460, 1998.

Darvish A, RW Pomerantz, PG Zografides and PJ Metting. Contribution of cytosolic and membrane bound 5'-nucleotidases to cardiac adenosine production. American Journal of Physiology: Heart and Circulatory Physiology 271:H2162-H2167, 1996.

Chien S, A Cherrington, JS Cook, PJ Metting, H Raff, H Valtin, DB Young and A Yool. The sun breaks through the clouds: A bright future for physiology. A report from the Long Range Planning Committee. The Physiologist 39:375-388, 1996.

Book Chapters:

JH Hammersley, PJ Metting, DE Olson, R Sawhney and JD Willey. Occupational lung disease. In: 1995 Yearbook of Pulmonary Disease. Bone RC and TL Petty (eds), Mosby-Year Book, Inc, St. Louis, MO, pp 435-460, 1995.

Britton SL and PJ Metting Reflex regulation of skeletal muscle blood flow. In: Reflex Control of the Circulation. Zucker IH and JP Gilmore (eds), CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL, Chapter 25, pp. 737-764, 1991.

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