Center for Hypertension and Precision Medicine


Bina Joe, PhD:
R01-HL11264-01 (NIH/NHLBI). Role: Principal Investigator ($3,473,495) Innovative Models for Mechanistic Studies of Novel Hypertension Genes, 2011-2016

R01-HL020176-36 (NIH/NHLBI). Role: Principal Investigator ($3,694,990) Genetic Elements Controlling Blood Pressure, 2013-2018

P01-HL034300 (NIH/NHLBI). Role: Consultant (PI: Schwartzman M) Hormonal regulation of Blood Pressure, 2011-2016

Cristopher J. Cooper, MD:
CORAL Study (Astra Zeneca). Role: Principal Investigator. Ancillary support for Angiotensin Receptor Blocker and Diuretic

CORAL Study (Cordis). Role: Principal Investigator. Ancillary support for Study Devices

1R01-HL105649 (NIH/NHLBI). Role: Co-Investigator ($1,502,000) Na/K-ATPase reduction in renal disease-related cardiac dysfunction, 2011-2016

David J. Kennedy, PhD:
14SDG18650010 (AHA). Scientist Development Grant National. Role: Principal Investigator. Cardiotonic Steroids in Cardiorenal Syndrome, 2014-2017                                         

NIH/NHLBI, Pulmonary Vascular Disease Phenomics Program (PVDOMICS) Data Coordinating Center. Role: Co-Investigator (PI: Beck G, Erzurum S), 2014-2019

Jiang Tian, PhD:

R01HL105649 (NIH/NHLBI). Role: Principal Investigator ($1,502,000) Na/K-ATPase reduction in renal disease-related cardiac dysfunction, 2011-2016

1F32DK104615 (NIH/NIDDK). Individual National Research Service Fellowship (F32). Role: Sponsor (PI: C Drummond) ($173,022) Evaluating the Role of Exogenous Administration of MicroRNA 29b in Preventing Chronic Kidney Disease Induced Cardiac Fibrosis, 2014-2017

Guillermo Vazquez, PhD:
R01HL111877 (NIH/NHLBI). Role: Principal Investigator ($1,500,000) Role of TRPC3 Channels in Molecular and Cellular Events of Atherogenesis, 2011-2015

15PRE24700002 (AHA, Great Rivers Affiliate) Predoctoral Fellowship. Role: Sponsor (PI: Sumeet Solanki), Role of TRPC3 channels in polarized M1 macrophage apoptosis and its impact in advanced atherosclerotic lesions, 2015-2017

Terry Hinds, PhD:
K01Mentored Career Development Award to Promote Faculty Diversity (NIH/NHLBI). Role: Principal Investigator ($675,945) Antioxidant-PPARalpha interaction reduces adiposity preventing arterial plaques, 2014-2019

ADA7-13-BS-089 (ADA). Role: Consultant (PI: Lecka-Czernik) Adipose tissue acquires bone anabolic activity in response to PPARgamma selective activation, 2013-2016

Sivarajan Kumarasamy, PhD:
16SDG27700030 Scientist Development Grant (AHA). Role: Principal Investigator ($308,000) Resp18 a novel genetic determinant of blood pressure regulation and renal function, 2016-2020

Youssef Sari, PhD:
R01AA019458 (NIH/NIAAA) Role: Principal Investigator ($1,112,265) The role of GLT1 in the modulation of alcohol-drinking behavior in P rats, 2011-2017

Last Updated: 8/5/19