Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Program Education Activities

dankert-lee ultrasoundDidactics & Education - The formal didactic lecture series is conducted on Wednesday afternoons for two hours.  The lecture series follows a 12-month rotation schedule allowing residents to hear topics three times during their residency.

Additionally, there is protected time for both a resident-driven Board Review Series, which takes place weekly on Tuesday mornings, as well as a Board Review session, led by the Program Director on Friday mornings.

Thursday afternoons consist of an MSK Ultrasound and Anatomy course that revolves on a 6-month cycle, giving the resident exposure to a particular joint and spine twice per year. In 3-to-4-week blocks, the course focuses on the following, weekly: gross anatomy, clinical pathology and physical exam, musculoskeletal ultrasound and finally, injection/procedural techniques using ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance. The latter is performed on cadaveric specimens at the University of Toledo’s state-of-the-art simulation center (below). 

sim center outside       sim center inside

Journal Club - Journal club occurs every other month, six times per year.  Residents, with the mentorship of an attending, lead the discussion of one or two pre-approved journal articles. 

Grand Rounds - Grand rounds occurs every other month, six times per year, alternating months with journal club.  Residents select a topic and, with guidance from an attending, present to the faculty, residents, and medical students.

Continuity Clinic - This clinic is held once per week and residents are given the responsibility for assessing and treating their patients.  The resident maintains these patients through this clinic for their PGY III and PGY IV years of training.

Last Updated: 6/12/18