Molecular Medicine Graduate Program Track

Archive 2013

Qiming Duan, M.D.
PhD Defense, December 20, 2013
Project: Cardiac Na/K-ATPase and Ishemia-reperfusion Injury.
AdvisorDr. Sandrine Pierre

Jian Wu
Ph.D. Defense, November 1,2013
Project: The role of Na/P-ATPase alpha1-associated P13Kalpha signalings in ouabain-induced adult mouse cardiomyocyte hypertrophy.
Advisor: Lijun Liu, Ph.D.

Varunkumar Pandey, M.Sc., B.Sc.
PhD Defense August 28, 2013
Project: The effect of glucocorticoids on regulation of the human angiotensinogen gene and blood pressure.
AdvisorDr. Ashok Kumar

Sumit Ranjan Monu, DVM 
PhD defense June 13, 2013     
Project:  Heme oxygenase system in myocardial infarction and post ischemic renal dysfunction. 
AdvisorDr. Nader Abraham

Dr. Monu accepted a postdoctoral fellow position in the lab of Dr. Oscar Carretero at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI.

Xiaoliang Qiu
PhD defense June 11, 2013  
Project: Kiss1 neurons and metabolic sensing.
AdvisorDr. Jennifer Hill

Lance Stechschulte 
PhD defense June 4,  2013   
Project: The Co-chaperones FKBP51 and PP5 control nuclear receptor phosphorylation and adipogenesis.
Advisor: Dr. Edwin Sanchez

 Dr. Stechschulte is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Toledo

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