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Preclinical Electives

Please Click on the Links Below to Learn About Electives Available in Preclinical Years 1 & 2

If you are interested in participating in an elective, you need to contact the advisor/coordinator of the elective to become enrolled. 

SOMN 724: Adherence

SOMN 712: Autopsy

 SOMN 726: Casos en Espanol

SOMN 714: Child Advocacy

SOMN 721: Community Health for the Underserved

SOMN 716: Emergency Medicine Scribe Program

SOMN 710: Family Care Giving Aspects of Dementia

SOMN 725: Global and Disaster Medicine

SOMN 723 Health Policy and Business of Medicine

SOMN 713 Introduction and Orientation to Hospice of Northwest Ohio

SOMN 715 Introduction to Clinical Neurology

SOMN 737 Social Determinants of Health Exploration Through Mentoring

SOMN 738 Interprofessional Health Behavior Change

SOMN 604 Introduction to Orthopedic Research

SOMN 684 Introduction to Surgery

SOMN 673 Laboratory Medicine Vignettes

SOMN 610 Medical Spanish

SOMN 722 Pediatric Longitudinal Experience

SOMN 720 Pioneering Healthier Communities

SOMN 719 Student to Student

SOMN 717 The History of Medicine

SOMN 711 Wilderness Medicine

SOMN 727: Service Preclinical

SOMN 728: Neuroanatomy Lab Assistant Practicum

SOMN 701 Lifestyle Medicine

SOMN 621 Medical Missions

SOMN 602 Introduction to Sports Medicine

SOMN 709 Contemporary Issues in Community Health (CICH)-Leadership and Education Intensive (LEI) Section

SOMN 709 Contemporary Issues in Community Health (CICH)- Basic Section

SOMN 709 Contemporary Issues in Community Health (CICH)-Service Learning Intensive (SLI) Section

SOMN 729 Interprofessional Approach to Patient Care

SOMN 730 Medical Practice Management

SOMN 732 Introduction to Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine

SOMN 733 Family Planning

SOMN 734 Ethics and Clinical Research

SOMN 735 Introduction to Integrated Care in Behavioral Health

SOMN 736 Rocket Launch Peer Mentorship Program



After you have completed all of the requirements of a Preclinical Elective, you must complete the Preclinical Elective Request Form, submit it to the director/coordinator (be sure to include your signature in the appropriate areas), and return the completed form to the HSC Office of the Registrar.

Preclinical Medical Education Curriculum Years 1 and 2

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