Graduate Programs

 The department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in biology as well as the dual degree M.S. in Education/ Biology for individuals interested in science education. The research and courses in the department emphasize cell biology, molecular biology, genetics and related areas.  The department has three professors who have been recognized with Sigma Xi and University outstanding research awards. Many of the research laboratories in the department are directed by internationally known scientists. Included among these are editors of prestigious scientific journals and winners of research awards from international societies. The research laboratories are located in the $33 million Wolfe Hall. If, after reading all of the information on the graduate school website you still have application questions, you may contact Dr. Tomer Avidor-Reiss for graduate program advising.

Application to the Department of Biological Sciences graduate program can be performed via the University of Toledo Graduate School. Formal assessment of applicants begins in early February of each year for the following Fall's admission. Applications should be received prior to that time to be given full consideration.


 Biological Science Graduate Handbook



Last Updated: 6/15/18