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About the Display: This display features:

  • Tungsten powder (donated by Proto Manufacturing, Inc.) - This powder is incorporated into materials, such as putty or polymers, to make them better radiation shields. The tungsten-enriched material is then placed around an x-ray tube or instrument casing to prevent x-rays from penetrating.
  • Tungsten drill bit 

About the Contributor: About Proto Manufacturing, Inc.: Since its founding in 1967, PROTO Manufacturing has been involved in the development of instrumentation for the characterization for materials. Their x-ray diffraction expertise was established through the application of residual stress and retained austenite measurements and systems. This expertise has since expanded into Laue single-crystal orientation and powder diffractometers, as well as x-ray tubes and custom equipment. For over 30 years PROTO has provided solutions for laboratory, factory, and field environments. These state-of-the-art solutions have served a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, and other high-tech industries. More information about Proto can be found at

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Symbol: W

Atomic Number: 74

Atomic Mass:

Electron Configuration:

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Last Updated: 5/3/18