Department of Physics and Astronomy

Activities:  Colloquia, Seminars, etc.


Colloquium:  Physics and Astronomy colloquia are held during the academic year on
Thursdays at 4:00pm in McMaster Hall, Room 1005 (MH 1005). Coffee, tea, and
refreshments are available beforehand at 3:30pm in MH 4009.

Astronomy Bag Lunch Series: On Wednesdays from 12-1 pm, the Astrophysics faculty, 
postdocs, and students meet in Room 4009 of McMaster Hall (MH 4009).   The scheduled
speaker gives a talk on a topic chosen at the beginning of the term. Talks during the same
term are chosen to share a common theme.

Physics Seminar Series: 
The Physics Seminar is typically held on Wednesdays from
4-5 PM in Room 4009 of McMaster Hall (MH 4009).  One of the main purposes of the
seminar is to give graduate students experience in preparing and giving talks.


"Microphysics" SeminarThe Microphysics Seminar is typically held on Tuesdays from
4-5 PM in Room 4012 of McMaster Hall (MH 4012). One of the main purposes of the seminar
is to provide a forum to discuss physical processes at the microscopic level.  The presentations
are led by graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty.

McMaster Cosmology Lecture:  The McMaster Lecture Series in Cosmology at the
University of Toledo 
is named in honor of the late Harold McMaster, a Physics & Astronomy
benefactor and local 
entrepreneur who helped found the glass and photovoltaics industry
in Toledo, and who also had a 
deep love of contemplating the origins of the Universe.  
The McMaster fellow delivers a large public 
lecture on forefront cosmology that draws broad
audiences from the University and Toledo communities.

John J. Turin Award and Convocation:  The John J. Turin Award - in memory of former
Department Chair John Turin
 -  is awarded annually by the Department of Physics & Astronomy
to outstanding alumni
of the Department.  The most recent winner (2012) was Dr. Steve Howell,
the project scientist for NASA's Kepler spacecraft that has revolutionized our understanding of
planets outside of our solar system. 

Physics and Astronomy Department Awards:  At the end of each academic year, the
students and faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy gather to award acknowledge 
outstanding students, recognize graduating students, and induct new members into 
Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society.

Society for Physics Students (SPS) Homepage:  The Society of Physics Students is an
organization open to anyone with an interest in Physics and/or Astronomy.  The society strives
to provide enrichment activities for its members including trips to national labs and neighboring
universities and frequent social events and it has an active outreach program.


Last Updated: 11/29/16