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Level 1
If short-term lead exposure of >5 µg/dL, with no noted developmental delay or risk factors, complete the following actions:
  • Develop monitoring plan
  • Follow in scientific research based interventions (SRBI), especially for language, behavior, attention, and executive function.
  • Schedule formal annual case review
  • Make referral to after-school enrichment program (if available)
Level 2
If history of lead exposure of >5 µg/dL with one additional risk factor (for example, home remodeling, old housing in poor condition, anemia, lack of enrichment) but without developmental delay or disability, complete the following actions:
  • Consider eligibility under Section 504 and need for evaluation
  • Complete evaluation as indicated
  • Develop Section 504 accommodation and monitoring plan with scheduled review
  • If ineligible, follow Level 1 actions
Level 3
If history of lead exposure >5 µg/dL with suspected or actual developmental delay, disability, or neuropsychological deficit, complete the following actions:
  • Consider IDEA eligibility
  • Design/complete evaluation
  • Develop IEP as appropriate
  • If not IDEA eligible, follow Level 2 actions

(CDC 2015)

Last Updated: 8/21/18