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Welcome to the webpage of the Contract Compliance Specialist – Health Science Campus.  This site is for the use of University employees and their Health Science Campus contracting needs when dealing directly with the Office of Legal Affairs.  Other contracts should be processed as follows:

·         Operational contracts go to Purchasing

·         Construction contracts go to Facilities

·         Employment contracts go to Human Resources

Template agreements (for those few employees who have been given specific access by the Contract Compliance Specialist) are available on the shared drive located at: z:\LegalAffairs\ContractCompliance.

Contact Info:

Colleen E. Miller, M.B.A.
The University of Toledo
Office of Legal Affairs
Contract Compliance Specialist
3045 Arlington Ave, MS #1106
Toledo, OH  43614
Phone: 419.383.6805
Fax:     419.383.3896

Last Updated: 6/9/16