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University System of Ohio Talent Development Network Gets Results for Employers and Current and Future Employees

The University of Toledo is part of the University System of Ohio Talent Development Network (USOTDN) specializing in delivery of assessment and certification services to business. Campus-based USOTDN Centers offer assessment and job-matching services through a group of internationally recognized human resources development firms.





USOTDN provides employers with solid information needed to make better hiring, placement and promotion decisions. With USOTDN assessments and related services, employers get results: lower absences, less turnover, and reduced recruitment costs. They achieve greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

Using USO Talent Development Network services, employers are able to answer the following questions:

  • Does the job description accurately describe the work to be done and the skills required for job success?
  • Which applicants best match the job requirements?
  • What training needs should we address?


Individuals using USO Talent Development Network services, take charge of their own job and career directions.

They get solid information for working smarter and more profitably.

  • What job opportunities best match my interests and aptitudes?
  • Do I have the skills needed for the job I have or want?
  • What training investments can I make to move up in my career?
  • How can I document the work skills I have to gain a competitive advantage and show my talents? 

USO Talent Development Network Partners

The University of Toledo USOTDN brings together many of the world's premier providers of testing, assessment, team development, leadership development and training tools.

ACT WorkKeys Job Profiling

  • Uses a focus group process to gather job task and WorkKeys skill information from job incumbents.
  • Provides a report with a customized task list and skill levels related to specific work examples.
  • Results in a customized Job Profile Report documenting the tasks of the job, skill levels required for the job, and the qualitative reasoning behind the skill levels provided by the job incumbents.
  • Provides results that can be used to support hiring, promotion, and training decisions.


  • Career guidance instruments used to gather, assess and assist individuals in identifying what jobs best meet the skills, abilities and preferences of the individual.
  • Assessment instruments reveal a candidate's personality, past behavior and performance to give the employer insight into the potential for future success on the job.


  • CEB/SHL is the leader in talent measurement solutions, driving better business results for clients through superior people intelligence and decisions - from hiring and recruiting, to employee development and succession planning. By combining the best practices of thousands of member companies with advanced research methodologies and human capital analytics, senior leaders and their teams are equipped with insight and actionable solutions to transform operations.
  • Job Profiling Analysis, pre-employment screening tests and employee assessment solutions.

Nocti Business Solutions

  • Nocti Business Solutions offers expert pre-employment testing, performance assessment, prior learning assessment, and customized job skills assessment.


  • PAN, the assessment division of TALX, is a leading provider of wide-ranging talent acquisition, evaluation and development solutions for corporate and government clients worldwide.
  • Offers the industry's most diverse catalog comprised of hundreds of professionally developed cognitive, personality, biodata and multi-rater feedback assessments from more than 50 top publishers.

RAMSAY Corporation

  • Is a privately held human resource company that has served over 4,000 clients, including one-third of the Fortune 100 companies. 
  • Has developed diagnostic and selection tests and performance assignments for operators, technicians, and maintenance groups.
  • Offers attitudes, knowledge, managment skills and team membership quality tests.

Sterling BackCheck

  • Is the fourth largest provider of employment and student screening services, background investigation services and occupational health services in the United States.
  • Provides clients with a one-source solution to effectively on-board and manage their workforce.


  • Vocational Research Institute offers solutions that enhance career and educational planning, improve employability and result in better opportunities and more positive outcomes for individuals.
  • Assessments can be used in conjunction with DDI's Targeted Selection (Behavioral Based Interviewing), team building, leadership, coaching, etc.

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Last Updated: 6/9/16