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Distinguished University Professor
Criteria and Nomination Guidelines & Principles


  • Evidence of having made a difference in the lives and careers of students

  • Effective teaching efforts/evidence of creativity/new courses or innovative teaching and/or assessment of student learning methods

  • Excellence as demonstrated in student evaluations for undergraduate and/or graduate teaching


  • Contribution to their field and evidence of how the candidate has influenced a field of study

  • Originality; evidence as a principal investigator

  • National recognition

  • International recognition

  • Proof of on-going research/ scholarship/artistic excellence

  • Citations to work (plus citation index ratings if available)

Professional Service

  • List of offices held in national/ international societies and organizations

  • List of committee assignments
    on national/international societies and organizations

  • Service on peer-review research panels and journal boards
 Guidelines and Criteria for Nominations 

1. Candidates must be nominated by a tenured member of the University faculty. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

2. Nominations, which should be forwarded by the nominator (not the candidate), must consist of:
a.  A cover letter of no more than 500 words from the nominator that summarizes how the candidate meets the criteria for appointment as a DUP.
b.  The curriculum vitae of the candidate.
c.  Evidence of teaching excellence, specifically:
       i.      “Evidence of having made a difference in the lives and careers of students”
       ii.      Summaries of student teaching evaluations (undergraduate/graduate as applicable.
      iii.      Summaries of peer evaluations of teaching, if applicable
      iv.      Listing of teaching awards.
       v.      Evidence of creativity, such as creation of new courses or use of innovative teaching methods.

3. Evidence of the candidate’s national and/or international scholarly or professional standing, including:
      i.      Description of how the candidate has contributed to and influenced their field.
     ii.      Summary of scholarly or artistic works/publications/contributions (do not include   copies of the articles/works).
    iii.      Reviews of and/or citations to scholarly/artistic works with citation index statistics if available.
    iv.      Letters attesting to national/international recognition as an expert in the field by disinterested outside experts solicited and forwarded by the nominator. Please note that although external letters are not required, their absence may adversely impact the candidate’s nomination).
     v.      Evidence of originality of contributions.
    vi.      Summary of extramural support for the candidate’s research/scholarly activity.

4. Evidence of exemplary professional service, including:
         i.      Offices held in national/international organizations.
        ii.      Committee appointments in national/international organizations.
       iii.      Service on editorial boards.
       iv.      Service as a peer reviewer for grants, publications, awards, etc.
        v.      Documentation of extraordinary service to the University.
       vi.      Evidence of exemplary community engagement, whereby the candidate has contributed their professional expertise through curricular engagement, outreach or partnership to make a difference in their larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global).

Send all nominations and accompanying materials electronically to Ms. Camila Taormina, Executive Assistant to the Provost Office at

 Distinguished University Professor Appointment Principles 
  1. The Distinguished University Professors will be nominated by faculty and/or chairs and will be required to meet the criteria established by the Academic Honors Committee for academic excellence in the areas of education, research and service. The criteria, supporting documents needed and deadlines for submission of nominations will be posted on the Provost’s website, under the Academic Honors Committee link.

  2. The election of a new Distinguished University Professor will be by majority vote of the members of the Academic Honors Committee attending the annual meeting at which nominations are discussed and voted upon.

  3. The duration of the appointment as a Distinguished University Professor is unlimited and the title may be retained even after a faculty member has retired from the University.  

  4. The title of Distinguished University Professor is separate from and not included on a certificate granting emeritus/emerita status if the faculty member also is chosen for this recognition.

  5. The Distinguished University Professor award may be used for salary, professional development and/or academic work. 
Last Updated: 6/9/16