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Shining Star Award

The Shining Star Award was created to recognize and honor those who continuously demonstrate their commitment to excellence in teaching, challenging and inspiring our students. Below are the 3 categories of awards: 

  • Faculty Shining Star Award
  • Staff Shining Star Award
  • Shining Star for Community Involvement – this award is for any faculty, staff or student who is a shining star in helping our surrounding community. 

    Nominate a Shining Star:

There are many stars out there, so help us recognize these people by sending in a nomination to Maria Stachowiak, Office of the Provost at  Include a brief description stating why you are nominating the candidate.




Click on the video below to view their highlighted story through the monthly Provost Corner

 November 2015

Dr. Anthony Quinn
Associate Dean & Associate Professor, NSM

Dr. Willie McKether
Associate Dean & Associate Professor, LLSS

Janis Brown
Assistant to the Chair,
Department of Public Health & Preventative Medicine

Lauren Banks, student
Major: recreational therapy

Dr. Thomas Bridgeman
Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences


 April 2015

Dr. Gursel Serpen
Professor Electrical Engineering

Jared Scott Rose
ABD Doctoral Student, Counselor Education

Shawna Babula
Success Coach, YouCollege

Dr. Cyndee Gruden
Assoc Professor of Civil Engineering


 March 2015

Dr. Jillian Bornak
Lecturer, Dept of Physics

Dr. Marilynne Wood
College of Nursing

Barb Robertson
Director of Student Retention & Academic Success, COBI

Dr. Yanfa Yan
Dept of Physics & Astronomy



 February 2015

Amy O’Donnell
Lecturer, Dept of Management

Sabina Serratos
Assoc Dir, Svc Learning & Community Engagement, Career Services

Jon Pawlecki
Director Student Services & Transfer Partnerships, Engineering

Tammy Kinsey
Professor Theatre & Film

 January 2015

Dr. Florian Feucht
Assoc Professor Educational Psychology

Cheryl Thomas
Admin Secretary, CISP

Alex Mak
Assoc Planetarium Director

Dr. Bina Joe
Director, Center for Hypertension & Personalized Medicine

 December 2014

Dr. Vicki Dagastino-Kalniz
Lecturer JHCOE

Dr. Susan Batten
Assoc Professor of Nursing

Betty Sullivan

Ruby Sullivan

Dr. Ruth Hottell
Chair and Professor, Foreign Languages

 November 2014

Dr. Jackie Layng
Professor of Communication

Michael Desposito
Graduate Assistant

Jose Rosales
Academic Adviser, College of Adult and Lifelong Learning

Dr. Bill Maltese
Professor & Chair Biochemistry

 September 2014

Reverend David Montgomery
Community Leader

Rick Gerasimiak
Manager IT

Dr. Susan Sochacki
Asst Professor, College of Nursing

Dr. Martha Sexton
Asst Professor, College of Nursing

Carol Hasbrouck
Director, School of Advanced Interprofessional Education & IISC

Dr. Paul Schaefer
Asst Professor, College of Medicine

Dr. Alexia Metz
Asst Professor, Occupational Therapy Program

Dr. Diane Cappelletty
Assoc Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

Dr. Gayle Kamm
Assoc Lecturer, College of Pharmacy

Dr. Michelle Masterson
Assoc Professor & Chair, Rehabilitation Sciences

Dr. Craig Black
Assoc Professor & Director, Respiratory Care

Dr. Sundershan Pasupuleti
Professor Criminal Justice & Social Work

Dr. Thomas Lingeman
Professor of Art











 April 2014

Christine Habrecht
 Asst Dean for Student Services


March 2014

Teresa Keefe
Senior Lecturer, IOTM

Dr. Margaret Hopkins
Associate Professor, Management

Kathy Shan
Lecturer, Physics

Dr. David Strukel
Associate Professor, Communication

Dr. David Steven
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

February 2014

Chris Bauer
Network Engineer
IT Department

January 2014

Dr. Diane Cappelletty
Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy


December 2013

Dr. Sammy Spann
Assistant Provost
Center for International Studies and Programs

November 2013

Toni Howard
Student Services Coordinator,
Student Disability Services

Lisa Yost
Student Disability Services


October 2013

Donna Buza
Rocket Solution Central

Angela Roach
Undergraduate Admission

September 2013

Dr. Barbara Kopp Miller
Associate Provost Online Education/Admin Dir.
Center for Successful Aging- Learning Ventures

August 2013

Dr. Anthony Edgington  
Director/Associate Professor, English

Dr. Lakeesha Ransom
Dean, Jesup Scott Honors College

Dr. Matthew Sutherland
Lecturer, Mathematics

Dr. Kasey Tucker-Gail
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. James Zubricky
Associate Lecturer, Chemistry


July 2103

Dr. Julie Fischer-Kinney
Associate Dean
You College

June 2013

Phoebe Ballard
Sr. Instructional Designer
Learning Ventures


May 2013

Doug Collins

April 2013

Dr. Jerry Van Hoy
Associate Professor/Co-Chair/Director MST Liberal Studies, Sociology

Dr. Anthony Quinn
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Dr. Julie Coyle
Associate Lecturer, Rehabilitation Services

Dr. Matthew Franchetti
Assistant Profess, MIME

Dr. Glenn Lipscomb
Chair, Professor, Chemistry/Envior Engr

March 2013

Dr. Page Armstrong
Jesup Scott Honors College

February 2013

Dr. Martin S. Rice
Professor, Director
Occupational Therapy Program

January 2013

Dr. Friederike Emonds
Associate Professor
Foreign Languages, German

December 2012

Dr. Clint Longenecker
Management/College of Business and Innovation


November 2012

Deb Sobczak
Director of Student Services for the Pre-Professional
Division/Pharmacy Student Service

October 2012

Dr. Edmund Lingan
Associate Professor and Chair


September 2012

Dr. Kathleen Casado-Thompson
Associate Professor
Foreign Languages, Spanish

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