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Annual Report of Professional Activities (ARPA) FORM


  • For the purpose of yearly evaluation, all faculty members are required to submit an electronic copy of the Annual Report of Professional Activity(ARPA)
  • Tenured/tenure track faculty ARPAs are due to the Department Personnel Committee (DPC) by September 18, 2017 along with a current CV.
  • See Section of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Tenure, Tenure-Track)
  • The ARPA year runs from  August 15 of one year through August 14th of the next year.


  • Faculty ARPAs are due to Department Chairs in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences by September 18, 2017 along with a current CV. 

  • Bargaining unit Members shall be evaluated annually with the highest priority given to teaching and teaching related duties, field work and field supervision
  • Lecturer ARPAS are due to their Department Chair by the last day of the Fall Semester.
  • See section 9.3 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Lecturers)


The university recognizes circumstances which may necessitate allowing an employee whose primary responsibilities are non-teaching to teach outside of his or her regular full-time appointment. In this circumstance, a university employee is restricted to teaching no more than one course per term or ten (10) credit hours per year (fall, spring, summer), regardless of delivery mode, for which the employee receives extra compensation. Any exemptions to this limit must be approved by the Provost.  Read the complete policy here:  Policy 3364-72-14 Teaching by non-faculty employees.  

The employee's supervisor and the vice president responsible for the area must sign the approval form along with the department chair and the dean of the college in which the course is offered.

Tenure Promotion & Sabbatical Forms 

Faculty Personnel Calendar 2017-2018 
(Final Revised 05/17/2017)

Sabbatical Application Process and Forms:   
PDF version  
Word version 

Sabbatical Report Cover Sheet
Reports should be typed, double spaced in a memo format or format identified by the college.

UT Faculty Sabbatical Reports

Tenure and Promotion Forms:

Faculty Five-Year Post-Tenure Evaluation Form 

Academic Tenure and Promotion Workshop Video (2016): Faculty Senate/University Teaching Center 

 Statement of Teaching Philosophy and Practice 2016 | Barbara Schneider, College of Arts and Letters

 Tenure and Promotion at University of Toledo | March 22 & 23, 2017 | Dr. Linda Marie Rouillard

Tips for Dossier Development | March 22 & 23, 2017 | Dr. Amy Thompson

Outside Professional Service Report

The University of Toledo policy on Outside Professional Service and Supplemental Compensation as approved by the Board of Trustees on June 14, 1978, requires that a faculty member who considers "engaging in professional service for compensation must report such service to his department chairman." A copy of the report is to be forwarded to the college dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs with a copy being retained by the department chairman and the faculty member respectively. 

The report is due at the beginning of each academic year and covers any outside professional service which occurs "during any specified contract period, academic year, summer and/or special appointment." Any outside professional service which occurs after the filing of the initial report should be reported by filing an additional report.   Who should complete? Tenure /Tenure Track and Lecturer Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) require this form to be completed 

  • The T/TT CBA Article 16.0 Outside Employment (page 53)
  • The Lecturer CBA Article 26.0 Outside Employment (page 44)

Outside Professional Service Report Form


Professor Emeritus:  request process, policy and more

Faculty Professional Development Fund

The primary goal of this fund is to enhance the overall reputation and performance of our faculty and our institution. These funds will be awarded to faculty primarily for the purpose of supporting faculty travel and costs associated with presentations at conferences and meetings as well as those associated with the publication of scholarly work. However, other activities that would serve to enhance faculty performance and reputation will also be considered.  Click here to learn more.

 Faculty Policies & Report

Syllabus Development Resources 

These syllabus resources have been designed to assist UT faculty with the development of their course syllabi and are intended to provide recommendations based on best practices and to highlight sections to meet university, state and/or federal requirements.


Thesis/Dissertation and Independent Study Resources

These resources have been designed to assist UT faculty with the development of a contract or syllabus for thesis/dissertation and independent study, where students may earn academic credit for work that does not occur in a regular course format.  All three documents are not required, but it is expected that the instructor provide a written document that clearly articulates the expectations for the award of academic credit. This includes the articulation of student learning outcomes and requirements/expectations.

Ohio Transfer Module

Ohio Transfer Module Guidelines and Learning Outcomes (Updated – July 21, 2015)

Offsite Location Approval Process

Before an existing UT program can be offered at an offsite location, approval must be granted at various levels. The proponent for the offsite location must go through a College offsite approval process first, and then through an offsite approval process supported by the Office of the Provost. This approval process includes foreign programs where a UT degree is ultimately granted.

New Faculty Orientation: Information and resources

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Incomplete Grade Documentation Form


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