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Main Campus
Rocket Hall 1820

Phone: 419.530.4981

VP:   419.386.2189

TTY: 419.530.2612

Fax: 419.530.6137

Campus Resources


Campus Resources

Barrier Removal (Inaccessible paths of travel: Snow Removal, Malfunctiong: Automatic Door, Elevators, ect.) 
If you have encountered campus access issues, please contact plant operations at 419.530.1000 and call or email the ADA/504 compliance office at 419.530.4232 for immediate assistance.

Campus Emergency
If you have any threat or safety concern contact campus police at 419.530.2600

Emergency Evacuation Plans
If you have concerns about emergency evacuation because of your disability or medical condition, please contact an Accessibility Specialist at 419.530.4981. For emergencies please contact campus police at 419.530.2600.

State Handicapped Placard - UT policy requires students, faculty, and staff with a state handicap placard to also purchase an appropriate UT parking permit. Permits may be purchased at the Parking Services office.

Temporary Handicapped Parking 
A Temporary Handicap permit is available to students with short-term (one week) medical disabilities. Students requesting one week special parking must submit their documentation and request to parking services.

Parking Services' Contact Infomation:
Rocket Hall Rm. 1917
Phone: 419.530.5842
Or Visit the Parking Services website

Technology Emergency
If you have problems with your computer or personal technology contact IT at 419.530.2400
Speech-to-Text Video Phones

Video Phones
Speech-to-Text Video Phones





Last Updated: 3/23/15