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Become a Volunteer Note-taker

College students taking notes in class

Use your academic skills to help other students by serving as a volunteer note-taker.

The University of Toledo’s Student Disability Services accommodates between 500-700 requests for note-takers a semester. As a volunteer note-taker, you will make an impact!

To become a volunteer note-taker you must have a 2.5 GPA and complete note-taking training located at this link
Note-Taker Training.

Who needs note-takers?

Student Disability Services provides access to note-taking accommodations for students with documented disabilities, such as mobility impairment, learning disabilities, dyslexia, blind/low vision, D/deaf/hard of hearing, or individuals with PTSD or chronic illness.

Most students with a disability are able to attend class regularly, however their disability may interfere their ability to take notes. They may not be able to take their own notes because they may have to watch a sign language interpreter closely, they may have low vision or have very limited use of their hands, or they may have difficulty listening and writing at the same time.

Some students with a disability may miss class sometimes due to illness, hospitalizations, or to attend therapy or medical appointments.

Notes provided by a volunteer note-taker help these students fill-in the gaps in their own notes, or provide notes for those unable to take their own notes due to a variety of reasons.

If you are a good note-taker, you may use your skill to provide a valuable service to the campus community.

As a volunteer note-taker you are making a commitment to assist UT in meeting its obligations and more importantly making a commitment to the student for whom you are taking notes. These notes will help give a fellow Rocket the opportunity to achieve academic success.

Steps to serving as a volunteer note-taker:

  1. Contact SDS for note taking and let us know you are interested in helping. 
  2. Register online through the Student Accessibility Management (SAM) system. You will need to have your complete schedule printed or open in another window so you have access to your courses.
  3. Student Disability Services will notify you via UT Rocket email if we have matched you with a note-taking assignment.
  4. Review SDS note taking tutorial.
  5. How to register as a note-taker

Note-taker Responsibilities and Important Information

  • Notes should be submitted/up-loaded within 24 hours of the class meeting to SAM
  • Notes may be hand written, however, notes typed and saved as a PDF or Word format (any word version is acceptable) are best. Even if no notes were taken, up-load a document stating why there were no notes.
  • Note-takers scan their notes and upload them to a secure website. The notes are then accessed through SAM by the Student Disability Services registered student.
  • If you drop a class or are no longer able to be a note-taker, notify Student Disability Services immediately.
  • Always make sure notes are up-loaded within 24 hours of the class.
  • Put the date & course (i.e. BIOL 1110) on the first page.
  • Number all pages in sequence: 1,2,3,…….
  • Explain all abbreviations when you use them for the first time.
  • Note-takers are required to make arrangements for a substitute note-taker or get notes from another student as soon as possible in the case of an absence from class.

Note-Taking Benefits:

  • Community Service Hours - volunteer note-takers can receive community service hour which may be used towards certain program requirements.
  • $100 stipend deposited to the note-takers Rocket Card after the end of the semester if all notes were uploaded within the required timeframe
  • Priority registration access during the next semester if all notes were uploaded within the required timeframe. (If you took notes in Spring you would be eligible for priority registration following Spring semester classes.)
  • Enhance your resume - your service can be indicated on resumé.
    Example Resumé Statement:
    Volunteer Note-Taker (Semester and Year)
    The University of Toledo, Student Disability Services

    Provided detailed notes, for qualified students registered with the Student Disability Services. Forty five hours of accommodation note-taking service was completed.
  • It’s convenient to be a volunteer note-taker. You never have to give up your notebook or visit the Student Disability Services to make copies or upload your notes; notes may be uploaded using any scanner and computer with internet access.
  • Feel good about helping a fellow Rocket. You don’t have to be the best note taker in the world to volunteer. We’re looking for people who write legibly, get the main points, and want to help.

Review our Tips for Successful Volunteer Note-Takers

Uploading Your Notes: Instructions on how to up-load notes to SAM

Last Updated: 6/24/19