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The Tri-College Student Services Center serves undergraduate students in the following colleges:
- College of Communication and the Arts
- College of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences
- College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The Center supports students throughout their academic careers, helping them derive as many benefits as possible from their education. The Center's academic advisers are vital links to successful degree completion, providing students with services and resources to help them accomplish their goals.

Advisers assist students in understanding degree requirements, assessing progress toward degree completion, selecting courses and prerequisites, monitoring academic performance, discussing plans for the future, as well as one-on-one academic mentoring to students with academic issues or on academic probation.

Tri-College Student Services Center
University Hall Room 3000
419 -530 - 2671

Advising is available by appointment Mon-Fri, 9am to 4pm, with 5pm appointments available upon request. 
Call 419-530-2671 to schedule in advance. 

Expectations, services, and opportunities for students in the Tri-Colleges

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Last Updated: 5/13/16