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Technical Studies


The Department of Applied Organizational Technology offers an interdisciplinary associate degree in Technical Studies. This degree is designed for students who have interests in a variety of technical fields. The program allows students to develop a unique curriculum to meet their career goals. Students work closely with an academic adviser to develop an appropriate program of study and with careful selection the program may be completed entirely online.

An out-of-state scholarship is available for students enrolled in online-only programs. 

This degree is perfect for students who wish to pursue a non-traditional degree. Upon completion of this 2-year degree, students may choose to apply the earned credits toward a bachelor’s degree.

The program of study guidelines for the Interdisciplinary Program in Technical Studies are:

1.General education core requirements:

ENGL 1110* College Composition 1: Explanatory and persuasive writing in both personal and public genres; instruction and practice in generating, focusing, developing, researching and presenting ideas in ways consistent with one's subject, purposes and intended audience. (3 semester credit hours)

ENGL 2960* Organizational Report Writing: Instruction and practice in report writing within an organizational context. Emphasis on the analytical report based on research. (3 semester credit hours)

MATH 1260* Calculus For Business With Applications I: Equations and their graphs, linear systems, vectors and matrices, introduction to linear optimization, exponentials and logs, elementary probability, limits, functions, introductions to differential calculus. (3 semester credit hours)

PSC 1200* American National Government: An introductory survey of the institutions, processes and politics of the government of the United States and its relationship to state governments. (3 semester credit hours)

ECON 1010* Introduction To Economic Issues: Basic concepts and theory applications to major economic problems and controversies. (3 semester credit hours)

COMM 1010 Communication Principles And Practices: An introductory course that provides instruction and practice in human communication including interpersonal communication, group discussion, public speaking and mass communication. (3 semester credit hours)

Review the University Undergraduate General Education/Core Curriculum policies

*Web course: this course is generally offered online.

2. 16-18 credit hours in student selected Technical Field 1

3. 14-16 credit hours in student selected Technical Field 2

4. 14-16 credit hours in student selected occupational objective/technical competence

A minimum of 68 semester credit hours is required to complete the degree

Program requirements are subject to change, please visit the University Catalog site for up-to-date information.

Associate Degree Programs

To be admitted to an associate degree program in the College of Business Administration at The University of Toledo, students need a minimum 2.00 cumulative high school grade point average (GPA). Students who do not qualify for admission to the College of Business Administration will be admitted to the University of Toledo Learning Collaborative and may transfer to the College of Business Administration when the minimum requirements are met.

For more information please contact: 

Online Admission Representative: 855.327.5695

The University of Toledo is regionally accredited by the North Central Association (NCA) and is authorized to offer degrees online.

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