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Liberal Studies Sample Curriculum

Orientation 1 credit hour
One math course or CLEP Test 3 credit hours
English Comp I 3 credit hours
English Comp II 3 credit hours
COLLEGE CORE (online course offerings)
ALS 1900 Introductory Seminar 2 credit hours
Humanities General Education 9 credit hours (approx. 3 courses)
Social Science General Education 9 credit hours
Natural Science General Education 9 credit hours
Topics vary by term and instructor Three, 4 credit hour, courses in each seminar area
ALS 3040 Social Science Seminars  12 credit hours
ALS 3050 Humanities Seminars 12 credit hours
ALS 3060 Natural Science Seminars 12 credit hours
Electives concentration 
Concentration** (3000-4000 level) 9 credit hours
ALS 4910 Senior Thesis*** 4 credit hours
**ELECTIVES concentration

Course electives are selected in consultation with the adviser. Many of these may be fulfilled by transfer credit if applicable. Students are required to complete a minimum of three classes (nine hours) of upper-division courses (3000/4000) that are associated with an area of academic investigation or with a knowledge base that is related in theoretical content. 

***senior Thesis

The ALS senior thesis is the capstone requirement of the program undertaken with a faculty member, the thesis adviser. Students integrate their thesis theme with their concentration courses. The thesis pulls together all the learning they achieved during the program, as well as the work and life experience they brought into the program. It is a four-credit-hour project,

ALS Honors

ALS offers an optional Honors Program that provides a valuable foundation of writing and research for students who want to be admitted in to advance graduate or professional programs or for those wanting a stimulating learning experience.

please contact: 

Online Admission Representative: 855.327.5695

If you would like more information about this program, we encourage you to:

  • Review the College of Adult and Lifelong Learning Degree Programs Fast Facts (PDF)
  • Download the online Adult Liberal Studies program description (PDF format, 40K)
  • Download the Adult Liberal Studies Check Sheet- review what courses will be required in this degree program.
  • Call student services at 419.530.3142 for detailed program information and advising


The University of Toledo is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission located at 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500; Chicago, IL 60604. (800) 621-7440. The current list of individual program accreditations and endorsements can be found on the provost’s page.

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