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Accounting Technology Workplace Certificate

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The field of accounting offers stimulating and challenging work that is constantly evolving. Accountants are trained to “look under the hoods” of businesses to truly understand how an organization works. The Accounting Technology Certificate provides participants with the knowledge necessary to prepare financial statements and record business transactions. It also offers a foundation in the current technology pertaining to the profession. All courses for this certificate are online.

This certificate is offered by the College of Business and Innovation, Applied Organizational Technology department, and earned credits may be applied towards a degree in the field. This department certificate is an excellent way to better prepare yourself for the changing workplace.

Plan of Study

ACTG 1040 Principles of Financial Accounting: The course covers basic financial accounting principles for a business enterprise. Topics include transaction analysis, measurement, summarization, preparation, interpretation and use of financial reports. None 3
ACTG 1050 Principles of Management Accounting: Management uses of accounting data for analysis, decision making, financial planning and control. Topics include understanding cost behavior, activity-based costing, cost-volume-profit analysis and budgeting. ACTG 1040 OR BUAD 2040 3
ACTG 1200 QUICKBooks: This course will introduce students to QuickBooks software.  Students will record financial transactions for fictional companies.  Topics include creating a chart of accounts, recording customer and vendor transactions, processing payroll, and printing recipts. None 3
ACTG 2100 Intermediate Accounting I: In-depth expansion of financial accounting principles and financial statement presentation. Emphasis on balance sheet accounts with particular attention applied to working capital (cash, receivables, inventory, current liabilities, also long-term assets). ACTG 1040 OR BUAD 2040 3
ACTG 2400 Fundamentals of Taxation: Consideration of the basic features of the federal income tax system. Emphasis is placed on the determination of taxable income of individuals and corporations. Also covered will be the preparation of the form 1040 both manually and using a commercial computer tax preparation package. ACTG 1040 OR BUAD 2040 3
CMPT 1410 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Applications: Hands-on analysis of the use of Excel spreadsheets in solving workplace problems with an emphasis on the design of templates to meet the needs of specific applications. None 2
 Total      17

An out-of-state scholarship may be available for students enrolled in online-only, degree seeking programs (many students choose to pair a certificate with a degree program.) 

The University of Toledo is regionally accredited by the North Central Association (NCA) and is authorized to offer degrees online.

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