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Practice Oriented Engineering


The program consists of 30 semester credit hours of graduate work including

—   6 credit hours of engineering core courses,
—   6 credit hours of business core, and
— 18 semester credit hours of engineering elective courses to support the student’s focus area, with the electives option to complete 6 credit hours of a work-related project in place of two 3-hour electives.

The 18 credit hour Elective & Project component of the program consists of a choice of four three-credit elective courses, or two three-credit electives and a six-credit work-related project.

Engineering core courses include a choice of:

CHEE-6700 (3 Credits) Management of Projects and Technological Innovation
Theory and practice of management technology applied to project management, engineering project development, and major technological innovation to address new business needs and opportunities.

GNEN-5500 (3 Credits) Methods of Engineering Analysis 
This course is in analysis for engineers. Topics include ordinary differential equations, matrix methods, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, systems of equations, optimization methods, Fourier analysis. Emphases are placed on applications and on software assisted mathematics. Students learn to use analytical as well as numerical methods to solve practical problems arising in industry.

GNEN-5700 (3 Credits) Applied Engineering Statistics |
Provides technical professionals with the knowledge of probability and statistics in applications areas of engineering and management. Emphasis on statistical methods most used in practice such as tests for measures of validity, designing efficient experiments for process improvement and applying quantitative techniques to practical decision making. 

The 6 credit hour business core also consists of a choice of three courses which are intended to acquaint engineers, scientists, and technologists with financial, managerial, and social issues that can help the engineer succeed in today’s marketplace.

Business core courses include:

ACCT-5000 (3 Credits) Financial and Managerial Accounting
Focuses on the preparation, interpretation, analysis, and use of financial information. Provides an introduction to cost accounting, managerial accounting concepts, and the use of accounting information for decision-making.

OPMT-5520 (3 Credits) Analysis of Manufacturing and Service Systems
Concepts for designing and managing manufacturing and service systems are discussed. Topics include creating flexible and efficient systems for producing goods, time-based competition, global production and sourcing, MRP, and JIT.

BLAW/MGMT-6100 (3 Credits) Business, Government and Society
Discussion of social criticisms of business and of responses which may improve its social performance Topics include consumerism, ecology, market power, social responsibility, ethics, regulations and public policy.


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The University of Toledo is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission located at 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500; Chicago, IL 60604. (800) 621-7440. The current list of individual program accreditations and endorsements can be found on the provost’s page.

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