UT Professional Staff Association

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • To educate and direct the professional staff as to the proper procedures to express concerns.
  • Upon request of any PSA member, promptly review concerns of the member(s) that have not been resolved through normal departmental procedures.
  • Work with Human Resources and in accordance to the University Policy and Procedure Manual in reference to problem resolution.
  • Review and monitor the application of University policies as they relate to the PSA.
  • Oversee the recruitment; selection and awarding of outstanding staff awards. 


 Hesham Youssef

Hesham Youssef - Chair

  • Lisa Akeman
  • Lisa Bollman
  • Tori Buckley
  • Emily Creamer
  • Elissa Falcone
Last Updated: 10/18/16